Chords to "Alligator"

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Ian McLagan/Johnny Lee Schell)
Big Huge Music (ASCAP) Bug Music (StinkMusic)

             B                   A                      F#              B       E       F#
I'm not a woman hater, honey  You don't know me at all

        B                              A    F#               B            E         F#
If you think that's the way I am, honey you're wrong

                   B                             A        F#                  B         E        F#
So don't you come on later honey, you be wasting your time

         B                                  A          F#       B           E         B
If you made up your mind, babe, you're wasting mine

E        B             F#                 B
I never asked you

         E                        B                F#           B
Never asked the time of day
           E                                   F#
So tell me, who do you think you are?

      B                      A            F#              B          E        F#
I'm not cold-hearted, you don't know me at all

    B                                    A       F#      B   E        F#
If I feel someone pushing too hard, baby, I run I gotta say

E              B            F#           B
I just don't like you

        E                       B            F#           B
Don't like the way you think

                     E                            F#      
Don't like you reading between the lines

A             D                               A    
You had a bad night, everything's blurred

          D                                A
You're sleepwalking, using log words

                  D                                  A
So now you had your turn slingin the dirt

                D             F#
I'll see you later

             B                          A          F#     B        E         F#
I'm not a woman hater, honey I don't go for you

            B                          A          F#           B     E        F#
If some feller got in your hair maybe you'd run, too   I gotta say

E             B             F#            B
I just don't like you

        E                      B            F#           B
Don't like the way you think

           E               B            F#          B
and I'm not your alligator

     E                 B            F#          B
No french-fired potato

     E                  B            F#           B
I'm not from Venezuela
            E             B            F#           B
And I'm no woman hater
E               B            F#           B           
I'll see you later            

            E             B           F#           B
But I'm no woman hater

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