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Bruce Springsteen   Viva Las Vegas(The Last Temptation Of Elvis)   1990     MNE

Dogs D'Amour   Straight   1990     China

Carla Olson & Mick Taylor   "Live"   1990      Demon       

1 Who Put the Sting on the Honeybee? (Sublett)
2. Slow Rollin' Train (Olson/Tate)
3. Trying to Hold On (Callins)
4. Rubies and Diamonds (Callins/Olson)
5. See the Light (Olson)
6. You Can't Move In (Olson)
7. Broken Hands (Taylor)
8. Sway (Jagger/Richards)
9. Hartley Quits (Taylor)
10. Midnight Mission (Goldberg/Olson)
11. Silver Train (Jagger/Richards)

Lisa Bronston: Vocals (Background)
George Callins: Guitar, Vocals
Barry Goldberg: Organ (Hammond), Piano
Rick Hemmert: Drums
Phil Kenzie: Saxophone
Juke Logan: Harmonica
Ian McLagan: Organ, Organ (Hammond), Piano
Tom Morgan, Jr.: Saxophone
Carla Olson: Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Sublett: Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Mick Taylor: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
George Callins: Producer
Mike Cruz: Photography
Saul Davis: Producer
Dane Lawing: Art Direction, Design
Mark Linett: Engineer
Gary Nichamin: Photography
Charles Rook: Mixing
(Recorded in Santa Barbara, California in March of 1990)

Bonnie Raitt    Luck of the Draw    June, 1991  Capitol C2-96111

1. Something To Talk About (Eikhard)
2. Good Man, Good Woman (Womack/Womack)
3. I Can't Make You Love Me (Reid/Shamblin)
4. Tangled And Dark (Raitt)
5. Come To Me (Raitt)
6. No Business (Hiatt)
7. On Part Be My Lover (O'Keefe/Raitt)
8. Not The Only One (Brady)
9. Papa Come Quick (Jody And Chico) (Hirsch/Taylor/Vera)
10. Slow Ride (Hayes/McNally/Pessis)
11. Luck Of The Draw (Brady)
12. All At Once (Raitt)

Delbert McClinton - Harmonica, Vocals
Kris Kristofferson - Vocals
Paul Brady                 - Vocals
John Hiatt                 - Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Hornsby - Piano, Keyboards
Ivan Neville         - Keyboards
Bonnie Raitt         - Guitar , Piano (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Slide Guitar
Tower of Power - Horn
Robben Ford - Guitar (Electric)
David Lasley - Vocals (bckgr)
Ian McLagan - Organ (Hammond)
Sweet Pea Atkinson - Vocals (bckgr)
Larry John McNally - Vocals
Michael Ruff         - Keyboards
Benmont Tench - Piano, Organ (Hammond)
Curt Bisquera - Drums
Sir Harry Bowens- Vocals
Tony Braunagel - Percussion, Drums, Timbales
Stephen Bruton - Guitar, Vocals
David Campbell - Arranger
Carole Castillo - Viola
Emilio Castillo - Sax
Glen Clark         - Vocals
Steve Conn         - Accordion
Larry Corbett - Cello
Paulinho Da Costa- Conga
John And Phil Cunningham- Whistle (Instrument)
Deborah Dobkin - Percussion
Ernest Ehrhardt - Cello
Ricky Fataar        - Percussion, Drums
Rick Gerding - Viola
Pamela Goldsmith- Viola
Mark Goldenberg- Guitar
Martin Goldenberg- Guitar
Steve Grove         - Sax
James "Hutch" Hutchinson - Bass
Randall Jacobs - Guitar
Dennis Karmazyn- Cello
Stephen "Doc" Kupka - Sax
Arnold McCutler - Vocals
Novi                 - Viola
Jeff Porcaro         - Drums
Johnny Lee Schell- Guitar , Vocals
Aaron Shaw         - Bagpipes
Lee Thornburg - Trumpet
Scott Thurston - Guitar , Keyboards
Daniel Timms - Vocals
Billy Vera         - Guitar
Randy Jacobs - Guitar
Arnold McCuller - Vocals
Don Was         - Producer
Ray Blair         - Assistant Engineer
Dan Bosworth - Assistant Engineer
Ed Cherney         - Engineer, Mixing
Doug Sax         - Mastering
Lee Thornberg - Trumpet
Greg Adams         - Arranger
Margo Chase - Lettering, Logo
Jeffery Fey         - Design
Tommy Steele - Art Direction

Michael Anderson    Michael Anderson     July 19, 1991      A&M

Paul Kelly    Wanted Man    1991    White

Warren Zevon and David Lindley     Deadicated     1991      Arista


Flies On Fire        Outside Looking Inside     1991      Atco

Izzy Stradlin    Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds    Oct 13, 1992 Geffen 24490

1. Somebody Knockin' - 3:27
2. Pressure Drop - 2:42
3. Time Gone By - 3:47
4. Shuffle It All - 6:19
5. Bucket O'Trouble - 2:10
6. Train Tracks - 4:27
7. How Will It Go - 3:51
8. Cuttin' the Rug - 5:01
9. Take a Look at That Guy - 4:43
10. Come on Now Inside - 3:58

Mikey Dread         - Vocals
Ron Wood         - Guitar, Vocals
Nicky Hopkins - Piano
Ian McLagan - Piano, Organ
Izzy Stradlin         - Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals, Producer
Agarfa Amartey - Percussion, Drums, Bells
James Ashhurst - Bass, Vocals
Eddie Ashworth - Mandolin, Producer, Engineer
Doni Gray         - Drums, Vocals
Jan Hovet         - Engineer
Jah-T                 - Guitar, Keyboards
Alan Niven         - Producer
Charlie Quintana - Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Rick Richards - Guitar, Percussion
Julia Tillman Waters - Vocals
Stefon Taylor - Vocals
Maxine Willard Waters - Vocals
Terry Wood         - Vocals
Maxine Waters - Vocals
Waters, Julia - Vocals
Chalo Quintana - Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Craig Ross         - Guitar

The Sextants   Lucky You     1992         Imago     21008

One I Love (Sextants) - 3:46
Sunflower Candy (Sextants) - 5:11
Read All About It (Sextants) - 4:17
Sand Dollar Girl (Sextants) - 3:14
Breathing (Sextants) - 2:52
Blue Sky (Sextants) - 4:52
I Had Thought (Sextants) - 3:46
Schagralei (Sextants) - 3:42
She Thinks (Sextants) - 4:22
Bunny (Sextants) - 6:23
Don't Bother Me (Sextants) - 4:07
Fearless Heart (Sextants) - 6:03
Jeannie's Dime (Sextants) - 4:20

Ian McLagan - Organ
Lori Hester Arthur- Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Matt Boudreau     - Percussion, Drums
Gordon Butler      - Fiddle, Strings
Max Butler         - Guitar, Vocals
Ralph Forbes - Programming
Brennan Hester - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
David Hidalgo - Accordion
Larry Hirsch         - Producer, Engineer
Scott Mathews - Producer

Melissa Etheridge    Never Enough    17 March 1992     Island

Ain't It Heavy
Dance Without Sleeping
Place Your Hand
Must Be Crazy For Me
Meet Me In The Back
The Boy Feels Strange
Keep It Precious
The Letting Go
It's For You

Deborah Dobkin: Percussion
Melissa Etheridge: Guitar, Guitar (12 String, Acoustic, Electric), Piano, Vocals
Richard Gibbs: Keyboards
Mark Goldenberg: Guitar
Mauricio-Fritz Lewak: Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Kevin McCormick: Bass, Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Ian McLagan: Organ, Piano
Dermot Mulrooney: Cello
Steuart Smith: Guitar
Scott Thurston: Keyboards
John Aguto: Mixing Assistant
Melissa Etheridge: Producer
Greg Goldman: Mixing Assistant
Dennis Keeley: Photography
Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
Kevin McCormick: Mixing, Producer
Norm Ung: Art Direction
Gabe Veltri: Engineer, Mixing
Randy Wine: Mixing Assistant

Buffy the Vampire Slayer    Soundtrack    28 July 1992    CBS

1. Keep It Comin' (Dance Till You Can't) (Clivilles/Cole/Quiles/Ramos)
2. Man Smart, Woman Smarter (Radio)
3. Silent City (Sweet)
4. We Close Our Eyes (Elfman)
5. Little Heaven (Dinning/Guss/Nichols/Phillips)
6. I Ain't Gonna Eat out My Heart... (Burton/Sawyer)
7. Party with the Animals (Castillo/Osbourne/Wylde)
8. Zap City (Astbury/Duffy)
9. I Fought the Law (Curtis)
10. Light Comes out of Black (Halford)

Joe Cocker    Night Calls    July   6, 1992    Capitol C2-97801

1. Feels Like Forever (Adams/Warren)
2. I Can Hear the River (Dixon)
3. Now That the Magic Has Gone (Miles)
4. Can't Find My Way Home (Winwood)
5. Night Calls (Lynne)
6. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (John/Taupin)
7. Love Is Alive (Wright)
8. Five Women (Prince)
9. Please No More (Egan/Hansen)
10. Out of the Rain (White)
11. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Lennon/McCartney)
12. When a Woman Cries (Kadison) 

Joe Cocker          - Vocals
Marti Jones         - Vocals
Jeff Lynne         - Multi Instruments, Producer
Jim Brock         - Timbales
Ian McLagan - Organ (Hammond)
John Miles         - Organ, Organ , Tambourine, Vocals
Mike Campbell - Guitar
Jim Keltner         - Drums
Alejandro "Alex" Acuña - Percussion
Mike Baird         - Drums
Benmont Tench - Organ
Deric Dyer         - Saxophone
Phil Grande         - Guitar
Steve Holley         - Drums, Tambourine
Rory Kaplan         - Keyboards
Danny Kortchmar- Guitar, Producer
New Life Community Choir - Vocals
David Paich         - Keyboards
Greg Phillinganes- Keyboards
Chris Stainton - Piano
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass
T.M. Stevens - Bass
The Water Sisters- Vocals
Maxine Sharp - Vocals
Chris Lord-Alge - Producer, Engineer
David Tickle        - Producer, Engineer 
Marc DeSisto - Engineer
Richard Dodd - Engineer 

Miracle Legion    Drenched    Aug 29, 1992    Morgan Creek     20006

1. Sooner (Mulcahy/Neal) - 3:08
2. Sea Hag (Mulcahy/Neal) - 4:35
3. Snacks and Candy (McCaffrey/Mulcahy/Neal/Spot) - 3:58
4. So Good (Mulcahy/Neal) - 4:30
5. Everything Is Rosy (McCaffrey/Mulcahy/Neal/Scott) - 5:44
6. With a Wish (Mulcahy/Neal) - 3:41
7. Little Blue Light (Mulcahy/Neal) - 3:38
8. Out to Play (Mulcahy/Neal) - 3:06
9. Velvetine (Mulcahy/Neal) - 3:16
10. Waiting Room (Mulcahy/Neal) - 4:35
11. Maybelline (McCaffrey/Mulcahy/Neal/Scott) - 1:51

Ian McLagan- Organ, Piano
Spot         - Drums
B.J. Crosby -
Dave McCaffrey- Bass
Derrick Schoefield -
Linda Williams-
Larry Powell -
Mark Mulcahy- Singer
Ian Churchill- Photography
Michael Ackerman- Photography
John Porter - Producer

Bruce Springsteen    Human Touch/Lucky Town    1992     Columbia

Hanoi Rocks
          Jerusalem Slim     1992       MercuryArc Angels       Arc Angels     April 14, 1992        DGC

Living In A Dream
Paradise Cafe
Sent By Angels
Sweet Nadine
Good Time
See What Tomorrow Brings
Always Believed In You
The Famous Jane
Spanish Moon
Carry Me On
Shape I'm In
Too Many Ways To Fall

Charlie Sexton: vocals, lead guitar, guitar
Doyle Bramhall II: lead guitar, guitar, vocals
Tommy Shannon: bass
Chris Layton: drums
Ian McLagan: keyboards

Taj Mahal    Dancing The Blues     1993     Private Music

Blues Ain't Nothin'
Hard Way
Going To The River
Blue Light Boogie
The Hoochie Coochie Coo
That's How Strong My Love Is
Down Home Girl
Stranger In My Own Home Town
Sitting On Top Of The World
I'm Ready

Sir Harry Bowens: Vocals (Background)
Tony Braunagel: Drums, Percussion
Chuck Domanico: Bass, Bass (Upright)
Bob Glaub: Bass
Marty Grebb: Sax,  Vocals (Background)
Richard Hayward: Drums
Etta James: Vocals
Darrell Leonard: Trombone, Trombonium, Trumpet
Taj Mahal: Guitar, Guitar (Steel), Harmonica, Organ, Piano, Vocals
Joe McGrath: Percussion
Ian McLagan: Organ, Piano
Bill Payne: Piano
John Porter: Guitar
Michito Sanchez: Conga, Percussion
Johnny Lee Schell: Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Joe Sublett: Sax
Texacali Horns: Horns
Mick Weaver: Organ
Kurt DeMunbrun: Design
Jerry Finn: Second Engineer
Ron Goldstein: Executive Producer
Helix Hadar: Second Engineer
Taj Mahal: Liner Notes
Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
Joe McGrath: Engineer
Melanie Penny: Art Direction
John Porter: Producer
Rich Veltrop: Second Engineer
Robin Visotsky: Photography

Crash Vegas            Stone     1993     Polygram 828409

You and Me (Keelor/McAdorey) - 3:28
One Way Conversation (Pirner) - 3:29
Keep It to Myself (Cripps/McAdorey) - 3:35
Stone (Keelor/McAdorey) - 5:39
My City Has a Place (Cripps/McAdorey) - 3:18
Nothing Ever Happened (Cripps/Keelor/McAdorey) - 4:58
Gold & Silver (Cripps/Lanois/McAdorey/Pottie) - 4:33
September Morning (Cripps/Keelor/McAdorey) - 5:13
1800 Days (Cripps/McAdorey) - 4:27
Please Don't Ask (Cripps/McAdorey) - 5:29

Ian McLagan - Organ (Hammond), Wurlitzer
Bill Dillon         - Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel Guitar, Slide Guitar
Steve Marker - Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
David Pirner    - Vocals (bckgr)
John Porter     - Guitar, Producer, Assistant Engineer
Colin Cripps   - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Michelle McAdorey- Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
Ambrose Pottie - Percussion, Drums
Darren Watson - Bass
Crash Vegas - Producer
Kevin Smith   - Engineer
Steve Thompson- Mixing
Butch Vig         - Producer, Mixing
Michael Barbiero- Mixing
Greg Calbi         - Mastering
George Cowan - Engineer
Joe McGrath - Assistant Engineer
J.W. Stewart        - Artwork, Design
Michael Lavine - Photography
Thomas Konigsthal, Jr. - Photography

TV In Flames           Drool      February 1993     Reprise 45368-2


James Harman
Ian McLagan - Organ (Hammond)
Ian Espinoza - Producer
M. Graves - Producer
S. Graves - Producer
Lee Watters - Engineer

Melissa Etheridge   Yes   I Am   September 21, 1993     Island

I'm The Only One
If I Wanted To
Come To My Window
Silent Legacy
I Will Never Be The Same
All American Girl
Yes I Am
Talking To My Angel 

Melissa Etheridge: Guitar,  Vocals
James Fearnley: Accordion
Mauricio-Fritz Lewak: Drums, Percussion
Kevin McCormick: Bass
Pino Palladino: Bass
David Sutton: Bass
Scott Thurston: Bass, Keyboards
Waddy Wachtel: Guitar
Ian McLagan:  Keyboards
Mike Baumgartner: Assistant Engineer
Margo Chase: Design
Melissa Etheridge:  Producer
Greg Goldman: Assistant Engineer
Bob Ludwig: Mastering
Hugh Padgham: Engineer, Mixing, Producer

Carla Olson     Within An Ace      1993     Demon

Dark Horses
Why Did You Stop
World Of Pain
Within An Ace
Man Once Loved
How Many Days
Rescue Fantasy
Is The Lady Gone

George Callins: Guitar
John Ciambotti: Acoustic Bass
Barry Goldberg: Keyboards
Rick Hemmert: Drums
Ian McLagan: Piano
John Michael: Percussion
Tom Morgan, Jr.: Sax
Michael Nold: Vocals (Background)
Carla Olson: Guitar, Vocals
Joe Read: Electric Dulcimer
Joyce Rooks: Vocals (Background)
Joe Sublett: Sax
Jesse Sublette: Bass
Mick Taylor: Guitar
Todd Wolfe: GuitarMarkus Cuff: Photography
Brian "Big Bass" Gardner: Mastering
Barry Goldberg: Horn Arrangements
Kathy Marcus: Design
Dave McNair: Mastering
Carla Olson: Producer
Charles Rook: Engineer, Mixing, ProducerBrian Jones    Omaha     1993      House

Paul Westerberg    14 Songs    June 15, 1993     Island

Knockin' On Mine
First Glimmer
World Class Fad
Runaway Wind
Dice Behind Your Shades
Even Here We Are
Silver Naked Ladies
A Few Minutes Of Silence
Someone I Once Knew
Black Eyed Susan
Something Is Me
Mannequin Shop
Down Love

Suzanne Dyer: Vocals (Background)
Josh Freese: Drums
Joan Jett: Vocals (Background)
Laurie Lindeen: Vocals (Background)
Brian MacLeod: Drums
Ian McLagan: Piano, Vocals (Background)
John Pierce: Bass, Handclapping, Piano, Shaker, Vocals (Background), Whistle (Human)
Rick Price: Bass, Mandolin, Vocals (Background)
Susan Rogers: Vocals (Background)
Michael Urbano: Drums
Jim "Watts" Vereecke: Vocals (Background)
Matt Wallace: Bass, Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Paul Westerberg: Bass, Guitar, Handclapping, Keyboards, Sax, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Whistle (Human)Dave Bryson: Mixing
Kim Champagne: Design, Photography
Suzanne Dyer: Assistant Engineer
Steve Holroyd: Assistant Engineer
John Jackson: Assistant Engineer
Joey Kent: Assistant Engineer
Mike Krowiak: Assistant Engineer
Brendan O'Brien: Mixing
John Paterno: Assistant Engineer
Susan Rogers: Engineer
Doug Sax: Mastering
Jim "Watts" Vereecke: Assistant Engineer
Matt Wallace: Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Paul Westerberg: Design, Mixing, Producer

Buddy Guy Feels Like Rain 1993 Sire

She's A Superstar
I Go Crazy
Feels Like Rain
She's Nineteen Years Old
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Sufferin' Mind
Change In The Weather
I Could Cry
Mary Ann
Trouble Man
Country Man

Tony Braunagel: Percussion
Tom Canning: Organ (Hammond)
Rick Cortes: Bass
Mike Finnegan: Vocals (Background)
Renee Geyer: Vocals (Background)
Marty Grebb: Organ, Sax (Baritone), Tenor (Vocal), Vocals (Background)
David Grissom: Guitar
Buddy Guy: Guitar, Vocals
Ritchie Hayward: Drums
Darrell Leonard: Trumpet
Leslie: Guitar
Ian McLagan: Piano
John Mayall: Piano, Vocals
Bill Payne: Piano
John Porter: Guitar
Jimmy Powers: Harp
Bonnie Raitt: Slide Guitar, Vocals
Paul Rodgers: Vocals
Greg Rzab: Bass
Johnny Lee Schell: Guitar
John Philip Shenale: Organ, Synthesizer
Joe Sublett: Sax (Tenor)
Travis Tritt: Vocals
Mick Weaver: Organ
Joe Yuele: Drums
Marc DeSisto: Engineer
R.S. Field: Producer
Marty Grebb: Arranger
Dave McNair: Producer
Tony Platt: Engineer
John Porter: Producer


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