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Idha Ovelius    Melody Inn 1994 Creation 66191

High over Hollywood
Red Ballooon
From Me to You (Lennon/McCartney)
More Love
Another Door
All My Loving (Lennon/McCartney)
Hickory Wind (Gram Parsons)
Get Undressed
Safe at Home
Music Carries On

Michael Fracasso       When I Lived In The Wild     1994     Bohemia Beat

Tell Mary
The Widow's Son
Back To Oklahoma
Words As Weapons
Nervous Mind
Big Sister
How Very Inconvenient
When I Lived In The Wild
Man With 21 Faces
Forever For Now
One By One
Sleepless Nights
Near & Far

Michael Fracasso: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Rafael Gayol: Drums
Mike Hardwick: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
George Reiff: Bass
Ian McLagan: KeyboardsMichael Fracasso: Producer
Mike Hardwick: Producer
Kathy Marcus: Art Direction, Design
Dave McNair: Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Wyatt McSpadden: Photography
Mark Shumate: Executive Producer
Jerry Tubb: Editing

Idha Ovelius    Get Undresssed    1994     Creation 66191



Lee Rocker's Big Blue       Big Blue      5 July 1994      Black Top

Ain't No Way (Eldred/Rocker) - 2:47
Til It Hurts (DeBaun/Rocker) - 2:37
How Long (DeBaun/Rocker) - 2:28
Lie To Me (Eldred/Rocker) - 4:48
Hear You Moan (DeBaun/Eldred/Rocker) - 3:24
Shame Shame Shame (Reed) - 3:32
Little Buster (Eldred/Rocker) - 3:37
Darlin Darlene (DeBaun/Rocker) - 2:37
Find Another Man (DeBaun/Eldred/Rocker) - 4:04
Got My Mind On You (DeBaun/Eldred/Rocker) - 2:43
Big Blue Train (Eldred/Rocker) - 5:44
The Hucklebuck (Williams) - 2:56
Rag Mama Rag (Estes) - 1:11

Ian McLagan-     Piano
Scotty Moore-    Guitar
Greg Archilla-    Engineer, Editing, Mixing, Sequencing
Hammond Scott-    Producer, Editing, Mixing, Sequencing
Wayne Jackson-    Trombone, Trumpet
Hopping John-    Foot Percussion
Andrew Love-    Sax (Tenor)
Steve Roberts-    Photography
Lee Rocker-    Bass, Vocals, Producer, Acoustic Bass, Editing, Mixing, Sequencing
Wally Traugott-    Mastering
Nauman S. Scott-    Executive Producer
Diane Wanek-       Art Direction
Heather West-    Production Coordination
Kevin Haywood-    Assistant Engineer  

Carla Olson   Reap The Whirlwind      1994     Watermelon

Reap The Whirlwind
Playing With Life
Ups And Downs
Rock Of Ages
Not A Soul To Remember
Honest As Daylight
Bills, Bills And More Bills
Twine Time

George Callins: Guitar
Dominic Camardella: Organ
Rick Hemmert: Drums
Jim Lacey-Baker: Guitar, Slide Guitar
Greg Leisz: Lap Steel Guitar, Mandolin
Darrell Leonard: Trumpet
Mark Lindsay: Vocals
John "Juke" Logan: Harmonica
Bobby McDonald: Bass
Ian McLagan: Piano
Steve Moore: Shaker
Tom Morgan, Jr.: Saxophone
Carla Olson: Guitar, Vocals
Mikael Rickfors: Vocals
Joyce Rooks: Harmony Vocals
Fin Seth: Harmony Vocals
Percy Sledge: Vocals
Joe Sublett: Saxophone
Mick Taylor: Guitar, Slide Guitar
Kathy Valentine: Guitar
Todd Wolfe: Guitar
Markus Cuff: Photography
Brian "Big Bass" Gardner: Mastering
Kathy Marcus: Design
Gary Nichamin: Photography
Carla Olson: Producer
Charles Rook: Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Christine Sirois: Assistant Engineer
Mark Stebbeds: Digital Editing

Otis Rush    Ain't Enough Comin' In     1994      Quicksilver

Don't Burn Down The Bridge
That Will Never Do
Somebody Have Mercy
A Fool For You
My Jug And I
She's A Good 'Un
It's My Own Fault
Ain't Enough Comin' In
If I Had Any Sense, I'd Go Back Home
Ain't That Good News
As The Years Go Passing By

Tony Braunagel: Drums, Percussion
Marty Grebb: Baritone (Vocal)
Darrell Leonard: Trumpet
Ian McLagan: Organ, Piano
Bill Payne: Piano
John Porter: Guitar
Jimmy Powers: Harmonica
Otis Rush: Guitar, Vocals
Greg Rzab: Bass
Johnny Lee Schell: Guitar
Joe Sublett: Tenor (Vocal)
Texacali Horns: Horns
Mick Weaver: Organ, PianoJoe McGrath: Engineer
John Porter: Producer
Otis Rush: Main Performer
Rich Veltrop: Engineer

Art Wood    Moneydue     1995     Nippon Crown

Marcia Ball Band with Ian McLagan      KGSR Broadcasts Volume 6 (VA)     1995     107.1 KGSR

Pat McLaughlin    Get Out And Stay Out     1995     Dos

Carla Olson         Wave Of The Hand     Oct 13, 1995     Watermelon

Wave Of The Hand
I'm Trying
Honest As Daylight
Within An Ace
Slow Rollin' Train
Gotta Get Back Home
Cedar Creek
Every Angel In Heaven
Del Gato
Midnight Mission
Clean Cut Kid
Reason To Leave
I Can't Fight It

Art Wood   Quiet Melon     1995     Lost Moment







Chris Gaffney     Loser's Paradise      1995     Hightone

The Eyes Of Roberto Duran
Loser's Paradise
The Man Of Somebody's Dreams
So Far From God (And Too Close To You)
East Of Houston, West Of Baton Rouge
Cowboys To Girls        
My Baby's Got A Dead Man's Number
See The Big Man Cry
Help You Dream
Sugar Bee

Dave Alvin: Guitar
Ponty Bone: Accordion
Sister Sarah Brown: Bass
Gene Elders: Fiddle
Rosie Flores: Vocals
Chris Gaffney: Accordion, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Jim Lauderdale: Vocals
Donald Lindley: Drums, Percussion
Ian McLagan: Organ (Hammond)
Danny Ott: Guitar , Slide Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Ted Roddy: Harmonica
Tony Villanueva: Vocals
Scott Walls: Pedal Steel Guitar
Dale Watson: Vocals
Bradley Jaye Williams: Accordion
Lucinda Williams: Vocals

Walter Tragert     Heavy Just the Same      1995     Club de Musique



Lenny McDaniel    Bad For Me     16 July 1996     Renegade  6

Stumble & Fall (McDaniel) - 3:49
Bad for Me (Baytos/McDaniel) - 3:06
Justine (McDaniel) - 3:59
When You Were Mine (McDaniel) - 4:04
Talk Real Slow (McDaniel) - 3:38
Movin' On (McDaniel) - 3:38
Home of the Brave (McDaniel) - 4:58
So Affectionately (Hirsch/McDaniel) - 4:05
Say You Will (McDaniel/Nuccio) - 5:09

Ian McLagan    Piano
Jerry Angel    Drums
Vincent Cirilli    Engineer
Lenny McDaniel    Bass, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Producer
Wally McDaniel    Vocals (bckgr)
Will McGregor    Bass
Carlo Nuccio    Producer
Patty Unaitis    Vocals (bckgr)
William D. "Smitty" Smith    Organ, Piano
Lynn Coulter    Vocals (bckgr)
Elizabeth Sato    Vocals (bckgr)
Beverly Simonsen    Executive Producer
Steve Valentino    Executive Producer
Ann Bellipanni    Illustrations
Wendy Furman    Art Direction

Michael Moore     Peace of Mind        unknown

Sarah Brown     Sayin' What I'm Thinkin'        March 26, 1996      Blind Pig

Barbwire Kiss
Not As Sorry As I Used To Be
Sayin' What I'm Thinkin'
Turn The Lock On Love
Good Fella Robert
Bad Boys Pride
Devil's Best Disguise
Bad Things
Please Help
Pretty Little Poison
Keep A Little Light
Hey Big Sister

Marcia Ball: Vocals (Background)
Lou Ann Barton: Vocals (Background)
Doyle Bramhall: Drums
Sister Sarah Brown: Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Cindy Bullens: Guitar
Fran Christina: Drums
Steve James: Slide Guitar
Bill Kirchen: Bass, 6-string Bass, Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Donald Lindley: Drums
Ian McLagan: Organ (Hammond)
Chris Miller: Guitar
Derek O'Brien: Guitar, Slide Guitar
David Sanger: Drums, Vocals (Background)
Angela Strehli: Vocals (Background)Al Brandtner: Design
Sister Sarah Brown:  Mixing, Producer
Larry Greenhill: Engineer
Jay Hudson: Engineer, Mixing
Donald Lindley: Mixing
Derek O'Brien: Mixing, Producer
Stuart Sullivan: Engineer, Mixing

Wyckham Porteous       Looking For Ground     1996     Bohemia Beat

Looking For Ground
Back On That Train
Maybe Tomorrow
Cumberland Waltz
This Land
Rain Of Love
Please Do Not Call Me
7 Years
Under The Still Full Moon
I Would Stay Here
On A Quiet Night Like This

Christine Albert: Vocals
Robert Becker: Bass
David Bender: Drums
Stewart Cochran: Piano
Gene Elders: Violin
Michael Fracasso: Vocals
Randy Glines: Harmonica
Jimmy LaFave: Vocals
Abra Moore: Vocals
Wyckham Porteous: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Dan Smith: Guitar
Paul Sweeney: Mandolin
Mitch Watkins: GuitarJimmy LaFave: Producer
Fred Remmert: Engineer

Calvin Russell     Dream Of The Dog     Oct 22, 1997     Last Call   422020

Don't Turn Your Head (Graham/Russell)
Trouble (Russell)
Valley Far Below (Barker)
We Can Live Together (Graham/Russell)
I Gave My Soul to You (Barker)
So Blue (About You) (Escovedo)
You'll Get Yours (Graham/Russell)
Answer? (Russell)
It's My Life (Atkins/D'Errico)
All We Got Is Rock 'N' Roll (Russell)
Keepin' the Demon Down (Russell)

Kris Mckay    Vocals (bckgr)
Ian McLagan    Piano, Organ (Hammond)
Calvin Russell    Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Illustrations
Susan Voelz    Vocals (bckgr)
Jon Blondell    Bass (Electric), Tambourine, Shaker
Davis McLarty    Arranger, Drums, Producer
Jon Dee Graham    Guitar, Arranger, Producer, Lap Steel Guitar
Jud Newcomb    Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals (bckgr)
Ameerah Tatum    Vocals (bckgr)
Stuart Sullivan    Engineer
Boo    Engineer
Mike Stewart    Tambourine, Producer, Engineer
Steve Starnes    Engineer
Jerry Tubb    Mastering
Jennifer Jaqua    Photography
Lissa Hattersley    Illustrations

Charlie Burton and the Texas Twelve Steppers    Rustic Fixer-Upper     1997 Lazy S.O.B.

She's Out Of My Hair (But Not Out Of My Mind)
On More Than One Occasion
I'm The Guy Who Let Miss Universe Slip Thru His Fingers
Rogue Cop
Dear Diary
Thin Ice/Deep Water
The Seeds That You Plant
The Things I Wished I'd Said (To You)
Livin' On Borrowed Time (Livin' On Borrowed Money)
Words Don't Mean Words
Baby Let's Play God
Embarrassment Of Riches
On Call

Charlie Burton: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Mary Cutrufello: Guitar
Michael Francis: Saxophone
Vic Gerard: Bass
Erik Hokkanen: Fiddle
Mark Korpi: Accordion, Guitar (Electric)
John Ludwick: Vocals (Background)
Ian McLagan: Organ, Wurlitzer
Lucky Oceans: Guitar (Steel)
David Sanger: Drums, Vocals (Background)
Scott Walls: Guitar (Steel)George Brainard: Photography
Charlie Burton: Associate Producer
Allen Crider: Mastering
David Gratz: Mastering
Wally Ingram: Executive Producer
David Sanger: Engineer, Producer

Carolyn Wonderland & The Imperial Monkeys   Bursting With Flavor     11 March1997      Justice 2401

1.Last Living Stranger (Dane/King/Wonderland) - 3:52
2.Harmonicar (Wonderland) - 2:49
3.Stuck in the Road (Blanchet/Wonderland) - 3:52
4.Lowdown (Dane/Harrington-Squyres/King/Wonderland) - 2:40
5.Loose Ends (Blanchet/Wonderland) - 3:08
6.Oh Yeah (Blanchet) - 3:04
7.Silver Tongue (Axelrod/Dane/Harrington-Squyres/King/Wonderland) - 2:40
8.Jim & Jack (Wonderland) - 3:56
9.Momma Don't Like My Friends (Dane/Harrington-Squyres/King/Wonderland) - 5:37
10.It Ain't Me Dammit (Wonderland) - 4:22
11.Darlene (Blanchet) - 3:16
12.Stay (Dane/Wonderland) - 4:37

Carolyn Wonderland-Guitar, Vocals
Chris King-Bass, Director
Leesa Harrington-Squyres-Drums, Vocals
Cary Winscott-Vocals
Eric Dane-Guitar, Vocals
Ian McLagan-Organ, Piano
Randall Hage Jamail-Producer, Mixing
Peter Denenberg-Vocals, Engineer, Mixing
Larry Greenhill Engineer
Bernie Grundman-Mastering
Steve Chadie-Assistant Engineer
Scott A. Tirapelli-Post Production
Angie Tresco-Production Coordination
Todd V. Wolfson-Photography
Cynthia S. Kinney-Art Direction, Design

Troy Dillinger And Del Dragons     Crazy About Tori     1998      Stinky Derringer

Hurricane #1           Rising Sign     1998     Creation

Rising Sign
The Price That We Pay
Bullet Train (Nagoya)

Hurricane #1         Rising Sign Remix    1998     Creation

Rising Sign
Rising Sign (Olmec Heads)
Rising Sign (Cuba Mix)

John Hiatt     The Best Of John Hiatt       August 25, 1998      Capitol

Have A Little Faith In Me
Thing Called Love
Riding With The King
Cry Love
Slow Turning
The Way We Make A Broken Heart
Memphis In The Meantime
Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder
Drive South
Angel Eyes
Buffalo River Home
Feels Like Rain
Love In Flames
Perfectly Good Guitar
Tennessee Plates
Take Off Your Uniform
Don't Know Much About Love

Glen Ballard: Guitar, Keyboards
Martin Belmont: Guitar
Paul Carrack: Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
Rosanne Cash: Vocals
Lenny Castro: Shaker, Tambourine
Ashley Cleveland: Vocals (Background)
Todd Cochran: Organ
Ry Cooder: Guitar (Electric)
Pat Donaldson: Bass
Davey Faragher: Bass, Vocals (Background)
Gary Ferguson: Drums, Shaker
John Hiatt: Guitar (Electric), Piano, Vocals
Veyler Hildebrand: Bass
David Immerglück: 3-String Stick, Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel Guitar, Slide Guitar
Bobby Irwin: Drums
Ethan Johns: Drums, Guitar
Jim Keltner: Drums
Michael Landau: Guitar
Greg Leisz: Guitar
Dennis Locorriere: Vocals (Background)
Nick Lowe: Bass, Vocals (Background)
Brian MacLeod: Drums, Percussion
Shaun Mariani: Vocals (Background)
Jean McClain: Vocals (Background)
Brian McCloud: Drums
Ian McLagan: Organ, Wurlitzer
Ravi Oli: Electric Sitar
Jon Paris: Bass
John Pierce: Bass
David Ranson: Fender Rhodes
The Studio Sausages: Vocals (Background)
Russ Taff: Vocals (Background)
Benmont Tench: Organ
Michael Urbano: Drums, Percussion
Matt Wallace: Guitar
Michael Ward: Guitar
Wix: Synthesizer
Doug Yankus: GuitarChapman Baehler: Photography
Glen Ballard: Programming, Rhythm Arrangements
Jim Champagne: Assistant Engineer
John Chelew: Producer
Jeff DeMorris: Assistant Engineer
Davey Faragher: Loop, Producer
Jeffery Fey: Art Direction, Design
Noel Hazen: Assistant Engineer
John Hiatt: Producer
Larry Hirsch: Engineer, Mixing
Glyn Johns: Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Neil King: Engineer
Nick Lowe: Producer
Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
Michael Musmanno: Engineer
Cliff Norell: Mixing
Keith Odle: Assistant Engineer
Tony Phillips: Engineer
Jack Joseph Puig: Engineer, Mixing
Joe Schiff: Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
Shad T. Scott: Programming
Jeff Shaw: Assistant Producer
John Philip Shenale: Loop
Don C. Tyler: Digital Editing
Matt Wallace: Mixing, Producer
Mervyn Warren: Choir Arrangement, Choir Master
Shelly Yakus: Engineer

Robert Earl Keen    Walking Distance     October 27, 1998     Arista 18876

Down That Dusty Trail
Travelin Light
Feelin Good Again
That Buckin Song
I'll Be Here For You
Billy Gray
Theme: Road To No Return/Carolina
New Life In Old Mexico
Still Without You/Conclusion: Road To No Return
(Silent Track)
Happy Holidays Y'all

Ponty Bone: Accordion
Rich Brotherton: Guitar (Acoustic, Classical, Electric), National Steel Guitar, Vocals
Bryan Duckworth: Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals
Gene Elders: Violin
Robert Earl Keen, Jr.: Vocals
Lyle Lovett: Vocals
Lloyd Maines: Pedal Steel Guitar
Ian McLagan: Organ (Hammond), Piano
Gurf Morlix: Bass, Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Mandocello, Vocals
Tom Van Schaik: Bodhran, Drums, Vocals
Bill Whitbeck: Fretless Bass, Bass, Trombone, VocalsNiko Bolas: Mixing
Dave and Ansell Collins: Mastering
Larry Greenhill: Engineer
Robert Earl Keen, Jr.: Producer
Missy McKeand: Design
Gurf Morlix: Mixing, Producer
Glen Rose: Photography
Stuart Sullivan: Engineer

Van Wilks    Koko's Hideaway    May 18, 1999     Texas 51 8484

Memphis Turnaround (Wilks) - 4:14
Dialtone Blues (Wilks) - 7:12
Texas '51 (Wilks) - 3:55
Stiletto Blues (Wilks) - 4:18
Tempted (Wilks) - 4:29
Our Little Secret (Wilks) - 4:20
Without a Word (Wilks) - 6:39
I Know You Don't Love Me No More (Turner) - 3:55
Mama Talk (Wilks) - 6:03
Long Way to Crawl (Wilks) - 6:08
Vanatized (Sebree/Wilks) - 3:46
Sometimes You Run (Wilks) - 3:35
Train Train (Wilks) - 3:24
Metal 'N' Smoke (Wilks) - 5:49
Koko's Hideaway (Wilks) - 4:46

Nick Travis    Bass, Vocals (bckgr)
Ian McLagan    Keyboards
Angelic Voices Of Faith    Guitar, Arranger
Chet Himes     Mixing
Chris Layton    Drums
Richard Mullen    Mixing
Tommy Shannon    Bass
Van Wilks    Guitar, Arranger, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Engineer, Mixing
Kyle Brock    Bass
Dave Ray    Engineer
Jerry Tubb    Mastering
Bruno Boussard    Artwork

Toni Price    Lowdown & Up     March 16, 1999      Antones

Out The Front Door
Foolin' Around
Comes Love
Don't You Think I Feel It Too?
Remember Me?
Loserville Blues
Feel Like Cryin'
Lonesome Wind
Lowdown And Up
Rusty Old Red River
Wishing Well
Why Is Love Like That?

Billy Bragg & The Blokes     Mermaid Avenue Tour     1999      Billy Bragg

Rainravens   Rose Of Jericho     1999     Blue Rose

Dumptruck    Terminal     March 23, 1999     Devil In The Woods



Billy Nicholls    Snapshot     1999     Southwest 

David Lindley and El Rayo-X    El Rayo-X Live     1999     TheNut

Lance Keltner    Empty V     1999     Provogue

Paul Weller    Modern Songs     1999     Green Mint   

Hanoi Rocks    Life Gets You Dirty     1999     unknown

Taj Mahal    Blue Light Boogie    1999    Private Music

Slaid Cleaves    Broke Down    2000    Rounder/Philo

Gurf Morlix    Toad of Titicaca     2000     Catamount

Ron Flynt and the Bluehearts    Big Blue Heart    2000     Ya Ya

Freud Marx Engels and Young    Hittihokkeli    2000     Megamania

LeRoi Brothers    Kings of the Catnap    2000     Rounder

Nancy Falkow    Smitten    2000     Falkow

Jim Whitford    Poison in the Well    2000     Whitford

One Fell Swoop    Crazy Time    2000     Brambus

Ronnie Lane    Live in Austin    2000     Sideburn / Burnside

Tarika    Soul Makassar    2001     Sakay

Mandy Mercier    Wild Dreams of the Shy Boys    2001     Wild Cantinas

Russell Crowe    Bastard Life or Clarity    2001     Stomp

Carl Carlton    Revolution Avenue    2001     EMI

Billy Bragg and the Blokes    Brand New Boots and Panties    2001     East Central One

Tom Russell    Borderland    2001    Hightone

Izzy Stradlin    River    2001     Sanctuary

Toni Price    Midnight Pumpkin    2001     Antones

Ray Wylie Hubard    Eternal and Lowdown    2001     Philo / Rounder

Robert Earl Keen    Gravitational Forces    2001     Lost Highway

Beaver Nelson    Undisturbed    2001     Black Dog

Bruce Robison    Country Sunshin    2001     Boar's Nest

Rare Family Songs of Woody Guthrie    Daddy-O Daddy    2001     Sunshine

Mark Nevin    The Mighty Dove    2001     Raresong

Gurf Morlix    Fishin' in the Muddy    2002     Catamount

Billy Bragg and the Blokes    England, Half English    2002     Electra / Cooking Vinyl

The Blues Band    Stepping Out    2002     Hypertension

Volares    Let's Kill All the Bad People    2002     Inactive Entertainment

Cotton Mather    Monterey Honey    2002     Rainbow Quartz

Dear Janes    Skirt    2002     Sore Thumb

Mary Gauthier    Filth and Fire    2002     Signature Sounds/Munich

Steve Marriott Memorial Concert 2001   

Mustn't Grumble    2002     Sanctuary

Dear Janes    Skirt    2002     Sore Thumb

Penny Jo Pullus    My Turn to Howl    2002     Act of Balance/Ruby Dog

Billy Bragg and Various Artists    Shining Bright    2002     Topic

James McMurtry    St. Mary of the Woods    2002     Sugarhill

Kelly Willis    Easy    2002     Rykodisc

Izzy Stradlin    On Down the Road    2002     JVC Victor

Eyes Adrift    Eyes Adrift    2002     Spinart

Rolling Stones    Forty Licks    2002     ABCKO/Virgin

The Arrows    Tawny Tracks    2002     Geltoob

Skeleton Crew    Just for One Day    2002     Dynaglide

Billy Bragg and The Blokes    Mansion On The Hill    2003    Uncut Magazine

The Roost    The Roost    RPT

Billy Bragg & The Blokes    Delicatessen    Cooking Vinyl

Carl Carlton and the Songdogs Love & Respect SPV

Billy Bragg and The Blokes    Born To Run 2003   Uncut Magazine

Jud Newcomb    Turbinado    Freedom

30 Odd Foot Of Grunts Other Ways Of Speaking    Artemis

Bob Dylan    Live at the Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam - 4 June 1984    Australian Bootleg

Billy Bragg & The Blokes    Light Of Day    Buffalo

Billy Bragg    Must I Paint You A Picture? The Essential Billy Bragg    Cooking Vinyl

McKay Brothers    McKay Brothers    Texas Archipelago

Robert Earl Keen Farm Fresh Onions Audium/Koch

Ryan Adams    Love Is Hell Parts 1 & 2 Lost Highway

Bruce Springsteen    The Essential Bruce Springsteen    Sony 2004    

The Blues Band    Be My Guest    BGO

Jeff Plankenhorn    Plank    Blue Corn

Slaid Cleaves Wishbones    Rounder/Philo

Patty Griffin    Impossible Dream    ATO

Nikki Sudden    Treasure Island    Rookwood

Even    Free Kicks    El Reno


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