Photo 8

I think it best not to add a caption on this'n.

Ah, to hell with that...

sent in by various viewers, captions to excite and horrify: Shock and Awful:

"The first-ever scratch-n-sniff box set"

"It smells of cheap wine. I'm horny- why doesn't it smell of innocent boy butt?"

"Hmmm... pork chops and applesauce" ( I get the Brady ref-- ed.)

"Why does it smell like ShineHead O'Connor's dick?"

"Ee ay ess oo dominay" (Monty Python dig?)

"Hmm... smells like money. I like, I like..."

Karnak the Magnificent says "Sharon, Bush, me" The question is "Name a Jew, a Jerk, and a deity".

"What have you done to my bible, you Palestinian dildo?"

"I wanted pepperoni and fresh basil- and it wasn't here in twenty minutes"

"Read my lips"