Five Guys Photo Contest

So, what's the big idea?  Simple, really.  The Faces box set was a mystical legend for some time, four parts Arthurian myth and one part fact.  Most doubted it was ever coming out, and many still doubt it's existence.  Therefore, since it is now available at better retailers, and online, we are holding a contest to celebrate.  Simply come up with an oddball photo featuring your recently-got box set.  The stranger and sillier, the better.  Eventually, we will close entries and have all fans vote on their favorite photo.  The one that gets the most votes wins.  We will announce prizes soon (yes, there are prizes).To enter the photo contest, me with your submission attached. The photos that are submitted appear on the right.  Simply click them to see the full image.  Enjoy.

And, as with all Faces contests, no people or animals may be put into harm's way... and no shoving small shiny objects in the orifices of garden gnomes.