FACES 1969-75

For the first time, in a hand-bound Limited Edition from Genesis Publications, Ronnie, Mac and Kenney tell their own story: FACES 1969-75 is The Official Signed Limited Edition by Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones.

 Everything you think of a rock star doing and we did it to the fullest and beyond... - KENNEY JONES 

FACES 1969-75 brings together the band's original commentary alongside over 200 photographs and items of memorabilia sourced from renowned rock 'n' roll photographers from all over the world, as well as the band's own personal archives. The images are a stunning mixture of the iconic and never-before-seen capturing the chaotic intensity of the Faces' career: the incendiary live shows, the on-stage laughs and off-stage high-lives, the private jets, groupies, drink, drugs, clothes, haircuts and Holiday Inns.

We wrote ‘Stay With Me’ backstage, before we went on. Rod said, ‘Come up with a really great lick and I’ll come up with the words,’ and we just had it going. Boom. - RONNIE WOOD 

FACES 1969-75 is a limited edition of 1975 copies worldwide. Every numbered copy is signed by Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones. 

Copies numbered 1-350 inclusive form the 'Deluxe Edition' and are bound in purple suede leather, as requested by Ronnie Wood, and accompanied by a numbered artist print by Ronnie. The print, signed by the artist, is of a painting entitled 'We'll Drink Those Fish Under The Table' originally created in 1974. 

Copies numbered 351-1975 inclusive are 'Collectors Copies' quarter-bound in red leather and purple cloth covers. The book is housed in a slipcase featuring artwork extracted from the poster originally included with their second album from 1971, 'A Nod's As Good As A Wink...'.

Every aspect of the book's design and contents have been selected and approved by the band members, down to Ronnie Wood's choice of binding materials and colour scheme.   

FACES is offered exclusively to FACES registrants at a preferential rate. Order ahead of formal announcements in the press, at the special subscriber pre-publication price making a saving of £50. 

Official publication: September 2011. 

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We played hard and fast. It was a hell of a four-piece, and there were no rules. We were driving each other and the arrangements got more and more complex. We were better than any other band!   - IAN MCLAGAN


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