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26 Dec-  The Tetsu section has been updated, with corrections to his discography and links to interviews I've done with members of Free.  Also, the photo galleries have been updated.  There is a new Ronnie Lane gallery, too.

25 Dec-
  I'm getting some fantastic responses over the Tetsu section.  I've received emails with data corrections, photos, personal encounters, etc.  Keep checking back, as it looks like the Tetsu section is likely to explode!

24 Dec-  A rudimentary Tetsu section is now open.

23 Dec- New advice:  I should have mentioned it in the last update, but it would be advantageous for people wishing to win the Lane CD to root around the website of the record label that is sponsoring this contest:  BURNSIDE / SIDEBURN Records.  Whilst you're there, don't forget to check out some of the other artists they have on the roster.  John Fahey is a personal hero of mine, for instance.  

19 Dec- Updated the links page with some new finds.  Also, two new articles about Ronnie Lane and the new Live in Austin CD.  One's at the Austin Chronicle,  the other's at the Austin American-Statesman.

19 Dec- Can't believe I missed this one!  I finally got in on the Groping With A Stoker e-group.  Fantastic stuff, great info.   A must for fans.

16 Dec- Finally resolved several software problems with my computer, so I was able to get a lot of work done on the site.   Many pages have been updated, many photo galleries have had additions made to them, a new photo gallery is open, etc.  Go to the site map to see all the changes on the other pages.

4 Dec- Click here for an encapsulation of my trip to London.

1 Nov- I'll be in London during the first half of November.  If you'd like to arrange to contact me during that period, please email me so we can set it up.

16 Sept- Silicone Grown has been added to the chords section of the site.

20 Aug- Chords to Miss Judy's Farm added

31 July- Marcus Lyttle has sent in his TAB transcriptions to two songs: Had Me A Real Good Time and Three Button Hand Me Down

31 July- Two new songs online in the Chords section:  "Just Another Honky" and "Flags and Banners".

31 July- The Rod Links page is open.  Please email other links worth adding.

16 July- The Rod section is now open.   Yes, its a meager beginning, but keep watching.  It'll get better.

24 June- Chords for "Stay With Me" have been added to the site.

21 June- Chords for the second-most-requested song, "Debris", and "You're So Rude" are now online.  Also, I've updated the "Ooh La La" chord page to include my translation of the song.

10 June- Lyrics to A Nod Is As Good As A Wink... now online.

10 June- Chords are finally coming online.  I've got the chords for the most-requested song, Ooh La La, online here.

13 May- Word from Jim Bradt, via Roland Schmitt, about an upcoming release of Ronnie Lane's Tremors material:

"Yes, the Ronnie Lane "Live In Austin" will finally be coming out this year, we hope in August. It's 73 minutes long, 18 songs from 5 different Austin radio broadcasts between 1987 and 1989, rounded out with several interview snippets, mostly of a humorous nature. The package (still under design) will have extensive liner notes and rare photos."

13 May- Mac's 55th Birthday Bash was held last night at the Saxon Pub in Austin.  He will also be doing a book signing and reading, combined with a Bump Band performance, at Austin's Book People.  That will be Thursday, June 15th.

13 May- There's been some down time here as I've just moved to another state.  Sorry that the site hasn't grown much in the past weeks, but I've been busy.  I do have OOH LA LA chord transcriptions nearing completion, so check back.

26 April- The Mac interview is now online!

24 April- This site is just now over five months old.  In that time, it has grown from one "splash page" to over thirty pages (nearly 20 megs of data).  We have received over 12,000 hits, virtually all by word of mouth.  We are just being recognized by search engines, and just now getting a domain name (the-faces.com).   We're just getting started!  Thanks for your interest, and please help keep this site growing.  Email your ideas, gripes, stories, submissions, photos, etc.

24 April- As I readied the site to be uploaded on a new server, I fixed several dead links, put up many new images (including a new photos page here) all over the site, and streamlined the pages for better download speeds.

24 April- Several changes to the site, although most of them aren't readily noticeable.  The entire site has been reorganized and reloaded onto a new server (www.the-faces.f2s.com).  The Crosswinds server has been experiencing upload problems, which makes updating this site very difficult.  In order to facilitate site modifications, and in an effort to find faster servers, I have mirrored the site.  You will always be able to locate the newest version of this site by bookmarking www.the-faces.com and http://clik.to/faces.

24 April- After posting lyrics to Had Me A Real Good Time, I got several helpful corrections via email.  I had an email problem, so please send those corrections again!

20 April- Lyrics for the entire Ooh La La album are now online.  I just noticed I accidentally skipped "Nods", so I'll get working on it...

20 April- There are some problems using www.the-faces.com.  Until I get these issues resolved, you may want to bookmark the old URLs (http://clik.to/faces, www.crosswinds.net/~faces).  If www.the-faces.com doesn't seem to work, this website is still found with the old URLs. 

20 April- Mac is now doing his website by himself (much applause from this corner, as I understand how hard HTML is to get right), so check his site often for updates.

14 April- Never get lost again!   To access this website, go to www.the-faces.com!

14 April- Changes to Mac's upcoming German tour:

25th April Baden-Baden (TV-recording "Ohne Filter")
26th April Baden-Baden (tv-recording "Ohne Filter";
27th April Hanover ("Blues Garage")
28th April Muelheim (Star Club")

Thanks again to Roland

5 April- Audio segments of the Ian McLagan interview are online here.

1 April- Buy a round for Ronnie Lane.   Today would have been his 54th birthday.

1 April- Roland Schmitt has notified me of Mac's upcoming Bump Band tour of Germany.  Dates as follows:

25th April Baden-Baden (tv-recording "Ohne Filter")
26th April Baden-Baden (tv-recording "Ohne Filter"; Mac appears as a special guest of Bill Wyman & The RHYTHM KINGS feat. Gary Brooker, Georgie Fame, Albert Lee, etc.)
27th April Karlsruhe (t.b.a.)
28th April Hanover ("Blues Garage")
29th April Muelheim (Star Club")

27 Mar- Lyrics for the "Long Player" album are now posted.

21 Mar- Lyrics are finally creeping into the site.  I've got all the lyrics for the "First Step" album up so far.  Go to the Lyrics Page.

20 Mar- Here are two shots of Mac at the recent Jazz Cafe gig in London (by Paul Flynn)  1   2

20 Mar- So much for a big update.  Today is the first time I've had a moment to work on the site in ten days, but a major storm came through and knocked out the power for the past twelve hours.  Instead of working on this site, I've been laying around reading a good bio on Buddy Holly.  Well, now that power is back on, I'll try to get something accomplished...

10 Mar- NEWSFLASH!   Big news on the Faces front:  Strange Fruit in the UK are teaming up with the Faces to release a compilation of the BBC sessions.  Mac reports that all Peel sessions may be included.

Also, the Faces are developing a box-set for Warner Bros.  It is planned as three CDs, including all the A-sides and B-sides, one disc of live material, and some never-before-released material.

10 Mar- I did an update interview with Mac today, from which today's news is gleaned.  As soon as I can, I will cull details from it and put out the complete information.  Also, other details will be integrated into the forthcoming (and ever-growing) interview piece to be published here soon.   You may begin holding your breath now.

10 Mar- Mac's CD, BEST OF BRITISH, was released last week in Germany on Hypertension Records.  It now has a new title ("Turn Faces") and new cover artwork. 

Ian McLagan & the Bump Band will tape an appearance live on the German tv program "Ohne Filter",  April 25th,  2000, in Baden-Baden. I will inform you about the broadcast dates as soon as possible.

3 Mar- Major Overhaul.  Revamped the whole look of the site.  All image files will be resized and improved next.   New images will be strewn throughout the site as well.  Keep checking back!

11 Feb- More audio files and a new page to find them all on.

2 Feb- New photos now online here.  Taken by Craig Petty in the early 70's.

1 Feb- Yes, I'm still here.  Reworked some images and text problems with the site in preparation for the big upload.  Some great photos ON THE WAY!  Never had a moment to call Mac back for the news update.  Sorry.

12 Jan- Part of the photo album is uploaded.

12 Jan- Talked with Mac today.  Look for news in a few days when I have time to call him back.

10 Jan- The CD World search engines now work.  I will now direct my attention to the photo upload.

3 Jan- Hell, I don't know what to do.  I've got a load of photos to put up, and I'm not going to integrate them into existing pages, so I'm going to throw up a very disorganized Photo Album for now, a home for orphaned photos.  The Photo Album will be accessible from the Sitemap or from here when it is updated.   I've got the page up, but I haven't uploaded the photos yet.

3 Jan- All services to this site (Message Board, Guest Book, Ads, etc.) now open up in a new browser window.  When you are done with the Message Board, etc., all you have to do is close the browser window.

1 Jan- This website is now FireTalk enabled.  This allows anyone with the FireTalk program (www.firetalk.com) to have voice or text chats with any other FireTalk user surfing this site at the same time.  Learn more about this fantastic program at the link above.  To chat with other FireTalk users on this site, go back to Home (www.crosswinds.net/~faces)

29 Dec- The first installment of the promised overhaul.   Much is new to the site, with much more on the way.  A sitemap is now installed, as is a live chat room and classified ads page.  Mac's discography has expanded yet again, with more improvements on the way.  The Tetsu page is also on the way.  Take a look around, there's been too many changes to remember.

27 Dec- A moment of respect for Curtis Mayfield, who passed away yesterday morning.  If you don't know this man's music, do yourself a favor and fix that.  His is some of the most beautiful, soulful, and influential music that was ever crafted on this big blue marble.    Website.

22 Dec- Major changes, as promised, on the way.  The Holidays and business are hampering the completion of this overhaul.  Soon.   Very soon.

17 Dec- Newsflash!  Catch Mac with Billy Bragg and the Blokes, live at the Forum, London.  This webcast of the December 15th gig is available for a short time at the Virtue TV website (must have RealPlayer 5).  Mac's organ is obvious in the mix, and he's the first thing you hear.  Check it out.

14 Dec- Recent additions to the Mac discography have increased its size by about 25%.  More on the way.

9 Dec- Look out for major reconstruction:  A "What's New" page and complete index page.  Each band member will have multiple pages in their section of the site, with their own page of relevant links.

8 Dec- Mac's section is now open.

6 Dec- An embryonic version of the Kenney Jones section is now open.

2 Dec- Four more audio files added this afternoon.   Additions to Disco Gravy, as well.  Let me know if you want MP3 versions of the audio files.  I won't bother posting WAV format since they are simply too big.

2 Dec- Introducing...  AUDIO!  Yes, folks, Real Audio soundclips!  Go to the Plonk page, or click here.   Requires Real Audio player.

1 Dec- Overhauled much of the site.  Additions to Disco Gravy and Plonk pages.

28 Nov- I'm compiling a list of known sessions Ronnie Lane's Mobile Sound was used on. Please email me if you know of any.    

28 Nov- New background images for the entire site.   Additions to the Disco Gravy (discography).

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