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31 Dec 2001- Well, time for the year-end wrap-up:

Faces reformations: 0
New Faces Albums: 0  

If that's all you visit the site for, you've been brought up to date.  The Faces box sets are on the way, and we don't know yet what 2002 holds in store!  Tons of speculation from all sides, but currently it's just that: speculation.  

Mac has been touring and recording (with Billy Bragg and for his upcoming follow-up to Best of British) relentlessly.  

Kenney is working with his new band (including Boz Burrell and Robert Hart of Bad Company, and former Rod Stewart guitarist Gary Grainger) and plans to record and tour in the new year.  He's also got his hands full with his Hurtwood Park Polo Club, as always.

Rod has a new album out, and is touring to support it.  He's dropped a few hints, but hasn't picked them up yet.

Woody has a solid new album, Not For Beginners, and has been seen publicly quite a bit recently giving it a good shove. 

The new version of this site should, at my current pace, be ready for a launch in February.  Given the circumstances, it's probably more logical and fitting to aim for April 1st!  Whaddaya think?

29 Nov 2001- George Harrison passed away this afternoon after a long battle with cancer. 

Do something nice for someone else today.

25 Oct 2001- As Paul Snyder pointed out in his guestbook entry today, links to interview audio segments weren't working.  I wonder how long that's been a problem, as they were working perfectly several months ago when I put them there.  Alas, it's no longer a need for concern, as I've fixed it.

19 Oct 2001- Well, the Faces site Mach IV is being built, and will certainly be online within a few weeks.  Delay after delay has... er...delayed the completion of the new version of this website, but I guarantee it will be worth the wait.   Despite the majority of my time being spent on the new version. I will be periodically updating this one with news.  For instance, I will soon have an announcement concerning a new solo offering from Ronnie Wood, due out right about now.   I'm just trying to confirm details from his label before I go off anouncing it.   Stay tuned.

21 Sep 2001- Rebuild better than before.  Work harder, be stronger, but keep reason and compassion. 

In that spirit, the Faces Site Mach IV is under construction:  All new look and feel but, in this case, the same utter lack of taste!  There will be the occasional new update to this old version of the site, and the new one will be up in a couple weeks.




12 Sep 2001-  Out of respect for those lives needlessly wasted yesterday, and the impact this engineered trajedy will have on millions more for years to come, we urge visitors to go offline and spend time with their loved ones.

Our sympathy is with those who have lost friends and family, and our empathy is with the majority of the world who sit in stunned silence, sickened by the pain and suffering hatred instills. 




31 Aug 2001-  Lyrics and chords to Mac's songs will be coming online very soon.  I have it on good authority.  Meantime, catch Mac if you can as he winds his way through these states united.  He's on the road with Taj Mahal. 

Which brings me to my next question:  If you've ever been lucky enough to hear that rare Faces track, "Oh Lord, I'm Browned Off," you must have wondered where Mac got that funky sound.  Well, while touring with the Jeff Beck Group in the States in 69, Woody bought an album by the Meters and later introduced Mac to the grooves within.  Mac's playing on "Browned Off" is particularly inspired by Art Neville, the organist/vocalist in the Meters.   If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself.  Art Neville is touring with Taj and Mac in the Funky Meters. 

August 31st - Madison WI, Madison Blues Festival
September 3rd - Seattle WA, Bumbershoot Festival
September 5th - Portland OR, Roseland Theatre
September 6th - Eugene OR, McDonald Theatre
September 7th - San Francisco CA, Warfield Theatre
September 8th - Los Angeles CA, House of Blues
September 9th - San Diego CA, Street Scene
September 11th - Flagstaff AZ, Prochnow Auditorium
September 12th - Phoenix AZ, Celebrity Theatre
September 13th - Tucson AZ, Rialto Theatre
September 14th - Albuquerque NM, Hiland Theatre
September 15th - Denver CO, Fillmore Auditorium
September 16th - Telluride CO, Blues & Brews Festival
September 22nd - Monterey CA, Montery Jazz Festival
September 23rd - Arcata CA, Humboldt State University
September 24th - Bend OR, Clear Summer Nights
September 25th - Boise ID, Big Easy

That's going to be some asskicking shows, boys and girls.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to afford the trip to Flagstaff on the 11th!

PS   Yet again more of the interview with Kenney is online.

25 Aug 2001- Still more of the interview with Kenney is online.  I think I've rounded the quarter mark on this one.

24 Aug 2001- More of the interview with Kenney is online.

16 Aug 2001- Added a bare-bones solo discography for Ronnie Wood.

13 Aug 2001- More Lane lyrics online today:   "Catmelody" and "Nowhere to Run".

12 Aug 2001-  Lyrics to "Son of Stanley Lane", off the Majic Mijits album, are now online.

10 Aug 2001-  Where have I been for the past two weeks?  It's pretty spooky when even I don't recall.  If you saw me during that time, let me know where I was and what I was doing. What was I wearing?! 

Well, Ted sent more chords in, and I've worked out another couple myself, plus there's three or four of Woody's solo tracks coming online soon.  Now that I've reappeared, it shouldn't take too long to get them online.  I'm also considering an online journal of sorts... an idea that I stole directly from Mac.  It'll be me griping, complaining til I'm blue in the face, or just spewing out whatever may be on my limited mind at that moment.  I can tell you're eager with anticipation already...  I'm going to call it "Vent".

25 Jul 2001-  Chords for Lane's "The Poacher" are online (with a nod to Ted Collins).

25 Jul 2001-  More lyrics to Lane's songs:   This time, it's "Tin and Tambourine".  Ignore the rough version of "Burnin' Summer" that's accidentally online.  The middle third of the song is causing major headaches for me, so it's nowhere near ready to be online.  Chords to "The Poacher" are next.

25 Jul 2001-  More lyrics to Lane solo songs added:  "The Poacher" and "Anymore for Anymore".

24 Jul 2001-  Chords to "How Come" added.  Thanks to Ted Collins.

24 Jul 2001-  Chords to "Nobody's Listenin' " now online.

24 Jul 2001-  Several lyrics to Ronnie Lane songs have been transcribed and added to the site here (including "How Come", "Don't Try'n Change My Mind", "Steppin' an' Reelin'", and "Nobody's Listenin'").

11 Jul 2001-  More of the Kenney Jones interview is online, and even more will follow quite soon.  Go to the Kenney section to catch up.

08 Jul 2001-  I caught Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros on Later... with Jools Holland (BBC America).  They did ass-kicking versions of London Calling and I Fought the Law but, alas, no songs from their fantastic debut CD.  Dig deep darlings and buy it if you haven't already.

03 Jul 2001-  Yet another brand new website, this one dedicated to Steve Marriott.  Take a look or three.

01 Jul 2001-  Check out Tell Everyone, the new Ronnie Lane site, maintained by Kris Cerese.

29 Jun 2001-  I just received word from Glen Matlock, confirming that he'll do an interview for the site.  We should be getting that done in the next week, after his return from his current acoustic Dead Men Walking tour of England.

Also, the voice recognition software I just purchased seems very promising, and should lend itself to a speedy interview transcription process.

27 Jun 2001-  More of the Kenney Jones interview is on the way.  I'm also experimenting with voice recognition software in the hopes of speeding up the transcription process.  A new photo gallery is in the works and I have the chords to three more songs on the way.  Also a few bootleg reviews have been sent in and I'm trying to figure out how to format them.  If you have any bootleg reviews (or anything else) you'd like to submit, email me.

I'd have a good portion of this online by now, but I've been struggling with moving all my vinyl from one storage facility to another.  

I also got an email from Mac.  Hopefully I'll have a moment to call him and get an update very soon.

Click on the "Take the Faces Poll" at the top of the page to place your vote today.

10 Jun 2001-  The Kenney Jones photo gallery is online.

10 Jun 2001-  I just added the Faces Poll today.  Click on the above link to take the poll, or  let me know what questions you'd like to see added to the poll (include the answers you think are appropriate as well).

10 Jun 2001-  Bill Simoneau has submitted a piece about Ronnie Lane, whom he knew during his stint in the Longhorn State.  Find it here.

10 Jun 2001-  Well, I just got finished putting together a new page for the site that showed the chords for "Just Another Honky". Unfortunately, I already transcribed that song some months ago.  Now I'm off to find uncharted territory.   I will now begin work transcibing a song I've not already done.

3 Jun 2001-  Phil Dobbin has submitted something he's written about his experiences with Ronnie Lane.  Find it here.   Also, I found a couple rolls of film left from my trip to London and had them developed-  more shots of the Fishpool are on the way.

3 Jun 2001-  As promised, I'm putting Ronnie Lane's lyrics and chords online.  The process begins today with the addition of the lyrics and chords to "Annie".

18 May 2001-  Two Ronnie Lane photo galleries added today, totalling 32 shots new to the site.  A Kenney Jones gallery is on the way (including shots of Hurtwood Park).  Go here for the new galleries.

16 May 2001-  I'm hoping to get some pages that I've added/updated uploaded to the site today, but I'm having some technical difficulties.  Check back for info.

12 May 2001-  Happy Birthday, Mac.  Best Wishes.

10 May 2001-  The first installment of the Kenney Jones interview is here.

9 May 2001-  Lot's of new stuff on the way... part one of the Kenney Jones interview, new chord transcriptions, more links, and words/chords to Ronnie Lane's solo stuff.

26 Apr 2001-  I've been making loads of new contacts lately.  One is Alan Merrill (Arrows, Vodka Collins, Derringer, etc.), who tells of a demo he made with Mac and Tetsu in 76 or 77, with Paul Varley on drums.  Jimmy McCulloch was to be there, but was a no-show.  Kim was there, mixing and garnishing Pimms for all.   Good times.

25 Apr 2001-  Read up on the new book about Free.  Tom Guerra has an interview with Rabbit and Simon Kirke here.

HEAVY LOAD is not a conventional book:   It looks as though it was published by a company more familiar with high school yearbooks and, in that sense, it is fair praise to say that the packaging fitted the subject:   I've never before seen a band which turned #1 almost overnight presented in a fashion that befitted their origin in just as theatrical yet disarming a manner.  I've also never seen a yearbook more worthy of a cover-to-cover read. 

Also, the Steve Marriott Memorial Concert was a smash success.  Read up on it on Room for Ravers.

Mac will be touring with the SongDogs very soon.  Check out his site for dates.

10 Apr 2001-  I've decided to publish the Kenney Jones interview on this site in installments.  In other words, it's taking longer than expected to get it ready, so I'll put it up in chunks as it gets done.  Check back very soon...

6 Apr 2001-  Mac, Kenney, Paul Weller and Glen Matlock are slated to play a set together at the upcoming Steve Marriott Memorial Concert.  Join Groping with a Stoker for the inside scoop.

1 Apr 2001-  Happy Birthday to all April Fools (and to one in particular).

30 Mar 2001-  The first of a series of FanFiles debuts here today.  Lynne Rossi Ruelan (yes, the same that won a poster and the same that I've known since the start of this site... Shut up, cuz she won the poster fair and square-- in fact, we had nothing to do with the choosing of winners!) tells her story and illustrates it with her own photos.   Never-before-published photos! 

29 Mar 2001-  Winners of the POSTER CONTEST are as follows:

        Steve Weiler
        Le Mars, Iowa

        Lynne Rossi Ruelan
        Mount Laurel, New Jersey

        Thomas Brodeur
        Bristol, Cincinatti

        Marcus Little
        Portadown, County Armagh, N Ireland

        Petri Teerimarki
        Helsinki, Finland

        Thom Ryan
Grand Haven, Michigan

Congratulations to the winners... prizes have probably already arrived.

29 Mar 2001-  My apologies to Nikki Sudden, who I was to meet up with Sunday night.   He's touring the States now, and was travelling from LA to his next gig in Denver.   We were to meet up and shoot the shit for awhile, but he was late getting into town and I was unconscious when he called late that night.  I don't remember his phone call or brushing him off (I was wiped out, dead tired). 

14 Mar 2001-  I just received a fantastic new book called "Heavy Load" in today's mail.  Several years in the making, it's the highly detailed story of the legendary British blues band, Free.  Here's a blurb about the book that accurately reflects it's contents:

Heavy Load is a labour of love and has been compiled and written over a period of twenty years. The book we offer you is the ULTIMATE collection of history, memorabilia and band memories. We  would like to thank everyone involved in this project, band and fans alike, and in turn we can finally offer the definitive FREE book. By Fans, for fans. We are immensely proud of this project and hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour. We have gone full out to provide the best possible package in terms of production and reproduction quality. Absolutely no corners have been cut in delivering this project to you. HEAVY LOAD is the story of FREE. Complete, comprehensive and packed with pictures.   Get ready - this book will knock you out.

Ordering details to follow.  Well worth the dosh.

12 Mar 2001-  Due to recent troubles accessing this website, the new contest will be extended through Monday, March 19th.  This will give all prospective competitors a fair chance.  View contest rules here.

22 Feb 2001-  The new contest is about to begin.  The prizes, courtesy of www.music-autographs.com, are as follows:

(2) Faces prints, signed by Mac
(2) Small Faces prints, signed by Mac
(2) Sex Pistols prints, signed by Glen Matlock

A questionairre will be put online shortly.  To win the contest, just surf this site and www.music-autographs.com to find the answers.  Check back here for details.  This contest is not to be confused with the contests already being held on www.music-autographs.com.

20 Feb 2001-  Lyrics to several songs have been addd today, including:  Pool Hall Richard, You Can Make Me Dance..., I'd Rather Go Blind, Angel, Jealous Guy, I wish It Would Rain, It's All Over Now, Cut Across Shorty...  (Thanks to Gunnar Hedlund for the input!)  Click here.

19 Feb 2001-  Check out the story sent in by David Marks to accompany his photo gallery of Mac in San Rafael.

18 Feb 2001-  New Ronnie Lane links page, with many new links.

18 Feb 2001-  New Kenney Jones links page.   Also, updated Kenney's discography.

17 Feb 2001-  Travel back in time.  Since this website began as a splash page on November 15, 1999, it has gone through four major versions.  I just found version two of this site on a floppy disk at the bottom of a box, so I posted it.  Go here to see what this website looked like when it was two days old.

17 Feb 2001-  Win an autographed poster of the Faces (as seen here).  Check back for contest details.  Coming within days.

2 Feb 2001-  I've made a lot of new contacts recently, which should lead to tons of new interviews for the site.  Also, I've started a new project with Tuli Kupferberg, which will lead directly to me building a new website.  Coming soon:  www.tuli.org.  To see what it's about, go to www.thefugs.com.   Several new contests are in the works, so keep checking for details.  CDs, photos, artwork, books, etc., will be prizes.

20 Jan 2001-  Three pages of new photos have been added to the site.  You will find 20 new images in the Small Faces section (now split into two pages), and nearly 50 in the Faces area.  Those  galleries have doubled in size.  Click on "Photos" for the links.

18 Jan 2001-  Several new images were added to the London section today.  Also, there are 70 new photos on the site, taken by David Marks.

This site now has well over eighty pages of info.  The recent contest, as well as new additions to the site, have swelled the number of visitors.  December 2000 was the busiest month in the history of the site, but that number has already eclipsed by the January figures.  Thanks for your participation in the contest, and keep an eye out for a new one (which is on the way).

18 Jan 2001-  The four winners of the Ronnie Lane CD contest are listed below:

                                Peter Harrar, NYC, NY:                       20/20
                                Rob Williams, London, England:       20/20
                                Kirk Crenshaw, Oregon                      20/20
                                Tony Concatelli, Connecticut             19/20

Keep an eye out, as there will be another contest soon!

17 Jan 2001-  352 new photos added to the site here.   Yes, I've recreated the poster that was sent out with the original release of A Nod Is As Good As A Wink... To A Blind Horse!

11 Jan 2001-  Recent Woody sighting:  He played at a benefit for his new health club, Harrington's.  Ronnie teamed up with Charlie Hart and Chris Jagger, and then with Mick Jagger and Bill Wyman.  It's the first time Wyman's played with them since 1990.

The Lane CD contest is over, and we do have four winners.  More info after I triple-check everything.

There are thirty new photos scattered throughout the galleries, and I've updated the synapsis of the trip to the UK by adding over 40 photos to it.  Find these great shots by starting here.

10 Jan 2001-  Added about twenty new photos to the site today, mainly in the Posters and Lane galleries.

06 Jan 2001-  A new article submitted by Lane's old mate, Ed Mayberry, is now online.  Also, there's a new page of Ronnie Lane photos up, and the old page has been reorganized with new photos.  Go to the Sitemap or Plonk section to see.

01 Jan 2001-  Happy Truest NEW MILLENIUM to the mathematically challenged.   Last chance to look the sight over in case you want a head start on the competition for the Ronie Lane CD giveaway.   Don't forget to look the Burnside / Sideburn Records site over, too.

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