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24 Dec 2002- It's been confirmed that Joe Strummer died of cardiac arrest, shortly after returning home from a walk with his dogs.  As expected, it's also been confirmed that his death was not drug-related.  After all the senseless loss witnessed recently, it is no small comfort that Joe at least died naturally, going out as he had lived: uncompromised. 

Joe's death will not muster proper acknowledgement in our plastic world.  He wasn't a sickly-sweet popmeister, his music isn't for teenagers fucking on warm summer nights.  No sentiment nor affectation, no bullshit, the brand he will forever be associated with says it all:  Clash.  The UK DIY movement was seemingly dismissed once fakers jumped aboard for cash, but raping brilliance is simply part of business.  Joe's name has been tarnished as a result  (indeed, he didn't come from the slums to front what was admittedly a partly-fabricated band).  But Joe wasn't a fake, and he certainly wasn't business as usual.   Woody Mellor, aka Joe Strummer, was his own man.

His wife, Lucinda, and three daughters have stressed their wishes that fans show their grief by contributing to the Nelson Mandela SOS charity.  Joe was to play at the February fundraising concert, meant to help the virtually ignored battle against AIDS currently raging throughout  Africa (and the world). 
discuss Joe here   news

23 Dec 2002- Legendary Clash frontman Joe Strummer passed away Sunday at his Somerset home.  Although details are sketchy, his website states a heart attack is suspected as the cause.  He had been touring as recently as last month with his band, the Mescaleros, and was kicking ass wherever he played.  Joe had most recently been recording their third album.  I'm still too stunned by his sudden death to wax eloquent about him, but he'd probably want to tell me to "put a sock in it", anyway.  Suffice it to say, this guy was the real deal.

12 Dec 2002- Just spoke to Mickey Waller.  We didn't speak long (will have an interview soon), but he did confirm the story about his Mum being upset at seeing Kenney playing his drum bit on the Beeb during Maggie May showings.  He also emphatically denied any ill-will towards Kenney for being the TV prop those times  (And, yes, it was mentioned that Lane chose a cardboard cut-out).

Mickey plays tonight, as does Kenney (if the story is straight).  Mac is playing, too.  So is Woody, come to think.  Of course, Lane took the night off to watch Chet Atkins play his Gretsch Tennesseean.

29 Nov 2002- Mac's appearance on BBC6 this morning has been temporarily archived here.

29 Nov 2002- Mac just made two back-to-back appearances on BBC Radio.  The second segment, with Glen Matlock on BBC 94.9, is archived in mp3 format here.

20 Nov 2002- Mac and Matlock will appear on the Robert Elms Show on BBC 94.9, on 29 December between noon and 3pm GMT.  Be sure to tune in, as they will be interviewed, will discuss their upcoming appearance at the Wembley Music and Film Fair, and play a song or two together.  If you have RealAudio installed (it's free, get it here), you can listen via the internet here.  To find out what the current time is in London, go here.   You may also visit BBC Radio host Robert Elms' homepage.

19 Nov 2002- We have one winner!  Peter Metcalfe, who fittingly lives in Kingston-on-Thames, has one a free pair of tickets to the Wembley Music and Film Fair for Dec 1st, when Mac and Matlock appear together.  Another pair of tickets are still up for grabs.  Want to win them?

17 Nov 2002- The new contest is online here.  

14 Nov 2002- There's a new CONTEST coming online in the next day or two- I'm still putting the questions together.  The prize?  A set of tickets to the following:


Ian "Mac" McLagan will be appearing at the Wembley Music and Film Fair (in London) on 1st December.  Ian will be signing copies of his book 'All the Rage' from 1pm to 3pm. 

Mac will also play an acoustic gig with Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, Rich Kids, The Philistines... for a decent bio of Glen and his importance as player and thinker, go here). The duo will perform their first gig together (since their time together in Rich Kids)!  It will certainly be their first gig as a duo!

Mac, of course, sites Glen Matlock as a great mate and shoe-in for his choice as bassist on any further Faces regroupings.  Nuff said!  If you are in the London area and miss this chance, you're a putz.  Pure and simple.  


The contest should begin on the 15th;  Check back soon to enter.  First correct answers will be winners.

04 Nov 2002- Several sets of photos from various Faces gigs are now available at www.photosets.net.  To see the sets of shots of Faces gigs available for purchase, follow this link

Also, speaking of Faces gigs, Rupert has mentioned on the Faces Forum links he's found to websites discussing various festivals the Faces appeared at.  Here are those links (thanks, Rupe):

Buxton Festival
Wheeley Festival
Reading Festival

One last link:  Both albums by Samurai, the band Tetsu got his start in, are now available on CD at www.forcedexposure.com

03 Nov 2002- Major updates to Mac's links page:  Dead links are gone, and recently found webcasts are in their place.  As Mac says, Have a Look, Have a Laugh, Have a Listen!  (Thanks, Lynney, as always)

23  Oct 2002- Rod appears this morning (Wednesday) on Good Morning America.

21  Oct 2002- Billy Bragg and Mac are doing a tour of the States right now, just the two of them.  Upon this mini-tour's completion, the Blokes will tour the UK.  Catch what's left of the US tour, if you can!

Sun Oct 20       Irving Plaza   New York NY
Mon Oct 21      9.30 Club   Washington DC
Wed Oct 23     Cats Cradle   Carrboro NC
Thu Oct 24       Roxy   Atlanta GA
Fri Oct 25         The Social   Orlando FL
Sat Oct 26       Jannus Landing   St.Petersburg FL
Mon Oct 28      Tipitinas   New Orleans
Tue Oct 29       McGonigel's Mucky Duck   Houston TX
Wed Oct 30     Stubbs BBQ   Austin TX

Check out this short article about the US Tour here.

08  Oct 2002- I've sat on this for a few days... Rod has a new website:  www.rodstewart.com.  I didn't post the news because every time I tried to log onto the site, it failed.  As it now works, try it out for yourself.  Nice site, but not (yet) as deep as I'd expected. 

08  Oct 2002- The search engine for the site is now found below the menu on the right side of the page.  I've also employed favicon on the Faces site.  That means, when you bookmark this site, instead of seeing the lame , you see the brilliant .  That's the face of Petrolini, as seen on the Ooh La La cover.  Try it, use it, even abuse it.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Rod Stewart's motto with his new album is "just give it a listen."

"It Had To Be You ... The Great American Songbook" is a whole album of standards recorded by Stewart.  Stewart, 57, said the songs are the back drop to his childhood in London. He said his family "used to sing all these songs when they were drunk at Christmas and other gatherings."

The British rocker said he knows he's taking a risk by doing an album of standards.  "Give the poor artist a break here," Stewart said in an interview. "He's just doing something he loves.  I'm sure I'm going to be ridiculed for doing this album, but I'm just going to have to live with it. But just give it a listen. These are timeless, beautiful songs, well-written, well-crafted and have stood the test of time.

"Just give it a listen and see how I've murdered 'em," he said with a laugh.

Stewart, known for such hits as "Maggie May" and "Hot Legs," said he's got a simple formula for success.  "Sex, soccer and good wine. That's the future of a good, healthy life," he joked.

"It Had To Be You" comes out Oct. 22.


1.  Everytime We Say Goodbye  performed by Rod Stewart / Dave Koz
2.  That Old Feeling  performed by Rod Stewart / Arturo Sandoval
3.  I'll Be Seeing You (Kahal)
4.  That's All (Brandt/Haymes)
5.  Where or When (Hart/Rodgers)
6.  It Had to Be You  performed by Rod Stewart / Michael Brecker
7.  For All We Know (Coots/Lewis)
8.  These Foolish Things  performed by Rod Stewart / Dave Koz
9.  Moonglow  performed by Rod Stewart / Arturo Sandoval
10. The Way You Look Tonight (Fields/Kern)
11. The Nearness of You (Carmichael/Washington)
12. You Go to My Head (Coots/Gillespie)
13. They Can't Take That Away from Me (Gershwin/Gershwin)
14. We'll Be Together Again (Fischer/Laine)
15. The Very Thought of You (Noble)

10 Sept 2002- I've been listening quite a bit to the CD of rough mixes from Nikki Sudden's upcoming album (Treasure Island is, as we say in Hollywood, the working title), sent to me last week by Nikki hisself.  Gauging by the half-dozen tracks I've heard, this disk stands the likelihood of being the best thing he's done in his entire career.  That's not bullshit and, if you're familiar with his career, it's a real achievement.

29 Aug 2002- Somebody kindly emailed to mention the links to hear Kenney's latest single weren't working properly, so I've fixed them.  Go here to hear.  Also note, Kenney's band is no longer the Kenney Jones Band-- same line-up, but new moniker:  Big Face.  Hmmm... it has a familiar ring to it...

I'll be away for a few days-- I'm off on a trip to see Dylan play, so this is like a little vacation for me... and a welcome breath of fresh air.  See you soon. 

18 Aug 2002- Nikki Sudden just emailed me with fantastic news:  Mick Taylor is on his new album.  A virtual reunion of sorts, as it's the first time Mick and Ian McLagan have appeared side-by-side since the Dylan tour.
Still a work in progress, Nikki expects the album to be available early in the new year.  More than tentatively titled "Treasure Island", many of the tracks have themes springboarded from the Stevenson classic.  

15 Aug 2002- Nikki Sudden is finishing his newest album (his first in years... as he put it:   "I’m in the UK recording my new album- first for five years or so! 18 tracks done- 6 with Mac. He’s played with Dylan, he’s played with Rod, he’s played with the Stones- now he’s played with me... You can guess this was a ‘dream come true’ for me. Mac has been my favourite Hammond and piano player for long years now. The only ones who ever touched him were Nicky Hopkins, Stu (Ian Stewart of the Stones, for those in need of a History 101 lesson- ed.), Billy Preston and Jerry Lee. Two of ’em are dead now, the likelihood of getting Jerry Lee is very unlikely, and Billy Preston lives in LA. And, anyway, I prefer Mac’s playing!") 

12 Aug 2002- Sorry it's taken so long, but I've finally been able to put something together for The Chuch.  Click here.

11 Aug 2002- Instead of typing out the recent Mac interview (done a couple weeks ago), it is now online here to hear. 

11 Aug 2002- Royden "The Chuch" Magee of Faces and Stones lore and fame has indeed died recently.  This site intends to give more detail on the life of The Chuch, but recent circumstances prevent our library of information about him to be found or utilized.  A proper page for the Chuch will not debut on the Faces site until a proper job can be done.  If you'd like to contribute, please ring.

02 Aug 2002- Alan Merrill has decided to bootleg the bootleggers:  He's released a small run of a  self-pressed disc which catalogues much of the stuff otherwise only available via bootlegs until now.  Consider it a Greatest Hits of bootlegs:  Included on the new disc are two demos which feature Mac on organ and Tetsu on bass.  These are certainly the same jams I mentioned months ago, where Kim was mixing drinks...  Check back in a few hours if you want to download samples of the songs...

02 Aug 2002- Would you like to hear samples of the Kenney Jones Band's new single?  Well, it's actually the KJB (not to me mistaken for the sinister KGB) along with Paul Young and Ronnie Wood, masking themselves as the Small Faces All-Star Charity Band.  Click here to hear.  Wait, not quite yet.  I've got the samples ready for download in both MP3 and RealAudio formats, but am awaiting Kenney's final approval before I make them available.  In the interim, make sure you have a decent MP3 or RealAudio player installed on your computer.  Check back in an hour, then take 1/8th of an aspirin... by the time you've figured out how to successfully cut an aspirin into eighths, you've learned the secret of the grasshopper.  

01 Aug 2002- Care to stroll down Ronnie Lane?  It will soon be physically possible to walk down a road named after Plonk.  The Newham council has authorized naming a street after our beloved, well-endowed munchkin, born and raised in Plaistow.  Latest details are pouring in thru the vast resources of knowledgeable networking stokers on the Gropers site (join here, it's the best e-group on the planet).

29 July 2002-
 visit the following links:

Rock Wife in Blaze Terror

Mother So Brave in Fire, Says Daughter

If anybody finds other reports on this story, please contact me.

27 July 2002- Kate Lane, Ronnie Lane's former wife and mother to Luke and Reuben (Ronnie's two sons) was in a house fire earlier this morning.  Her home has been totally destroyed.  Kate has survived and is in relatively good spirits.  She's lost everything, but is thankful.  


"When all your past is eradicated, you've got no choice but to start again."

Kate Lane, 7.27.02


20 July 2002- The Small Faces All-Star Charity Band's new single is now listed at the following internet retailers:


19 July 2002- The Kenney Jones Band's new single (listed as "Small Faces All Star Charity Band", featuring Ronnie Wood and Paul Young) is available online.  Here are just a few links where you can purchase the disk :

1       2

You can also purchase it at finer retailers, where the help isn't so self-absorbed and discreet as to ignore the clientele.

8 July 2002- New information and photos of the Kenney Jones Band here.


27 June 2002- I just received word that John Entwistle of the Who passed away in his sleep sometime earlier this morning.  His road assistant found John around noon today in his Las Vegas hotel room.  The Who had rehearsed together just last evening in preparation for the start of their US Tour, set to begin in Vegas on Friday.   Steve Luongo, John's friend and manager, suspects a heart attack is responsible.  Luongo is quoted as saying, "We lost a Jimi Hendrix of bass guitar.  He was probably my best friend and my musical soulmate. I'm completely devastated."

Our condolences go out to his family and friends, and of course all those in the extended family that is the Who.

We just lost the greatest bassist in the history of rock and roll, folks.  


27 June 2002- A new single by Kenney Jones' new band, and featuring Ron Wood and Paul Young, is due for release July 15th.  Read all about it here.

Kenney's new band, the Action

27 June 2002- People are descending on Glastonbury for the annual music festival.  Rod has a set on Sunday but, despite persistent and contradictory rumors, I know a few people that won't be there.  In fact, around the time Rod's on stage in the UK, I'll be talking with Mac in TX.  

13 June 2002- The new computer seems to be working better than all the Hewlitt Packards I recently went through, so I'll be updating the site more often now.  Here's a taste of what's hidden in the vaults.  An outtake from a photo session for a MOJO cover.

9 June 2002- Sorry for the lack of recent updates.  I've had what might be deemed a slight computer problem.  The Hewlitt Packard that I recently purchased died a fiery death, and the HP that I replaced it with also had to be returned.  I can honestly recommend you never purchase an HP product.  These computers were horrible, from hardware to software.  Rotten to the core.  They both came jam-packed with adware, spyware, and whoreware that proved impossible to cleanly remove.  Their tech support was atrocious (they probably treat the workers in their phone sweatshops so horribly that the turnover rate is too high to keep properly trained people onboard). 

Due to the HP problems, the backups of the new version of the Faces site I've been working on for months are toast.  The disks I burned using the HP are not readable on any computer I've tried them in, so all those months of work are a complete loss.  Now I can only hope to get a clean start and have something done in time to debut when the Faces box set comes out later in the year.  Ouch.  Pass me the morphine, please.

13 May 2002- Mac's discography has been updated (finally!)

9 May 2002- As promised, the article on Lane from International Musician in 1980 is now online.  

New photo gallery starting for Lane shots recently discovered.  Right here.

9 May 2002- More info on the new single that Kenney's involved in will be forthcoming soon.  In the meantime, take a look at the website Kenney set up for the Small Faces Charitable Trust.

5 May 2002- When Mac announced the Faces box set title was amongst the jumble of suggestions listed on his site, I took the time to thin that list down to six titles I thought were the best suggestions.  They are listed below.

Rhythm and Booze
We're Leaving t
he Group
Pulling Birds and Downing Pints
Five Guys Walk Into A Bar...
All Over Bar the Shouting

To see if any of these titles, or any of your choices, made the cut, check out Macspages.  He's announced the title.

4 May 2002- The chat room is working again, as is the advertisement board.  The e-list is being repaired as we speak.  Also, I'm in the middle of adding the following:

vintage Rod photos
three great shots of Lane during his Texan days (including one with the classic Zemaitis turtleshell Les Paul-body bass)
more Mac links
lyrics to Mac's "Troublemaker" lp

28 Apr 2002- Thanks again to the Lynne Rossi Transcription Service, the lyrics for Mac's "Best of British" CD are now online.

26 Apr 2002- Mac's Links Page has been updated.  Thanks again to Lynne!

23 Apr 2002- Just got off the phone with Kenney.  More details concerning the newest single and video are on the way (including images), so keep an eye on this page. 

22 Apr 2002- With a big "Thank You" to Lynne Rossi, I've finally got a page of Mac links together.  Check 'em out! 

Kenney's new band is coming together nicely, and there is a single and video for the Small Faces charity set for release shortly.  I'll be speaking with Kenney again soon, so check back for details.

18 Apr 2002- Just got off the phone with Mac, in Chicago on tour with Billy Bragg.  Lot's of news.  It looks like he's got a winner in the competition to name the new Faces box-set.  Title approval was given today, in fact.  Unfortunately, there are problems with the phones at his hotel, and he's having a hard time connecting to to the internet in order to update his site with the news.   

The Bragg tour is about half over and going down splendidly, so be sure to check it out if it's within the acceptable 400 mile radius.  From the States, they head to Ireland, where Mac will link up with Woody to fine-tooth the vaults for the missing original take of "Ooh La La", with Ronnie Lane on vocals.  As Rupe Williams alwaysays, it's the Holy Grail of Faces finds.

Tons more news and updates from Mac coming, as soon as someone can type.

13 Apr 2002- There's a new contest coming within the next day or so:  The winner gets a pair of tickets to the Olympia Music Fair in London (May 4-5).  I was hoping to have an interview with Glen Matlock tied up by now, but our schedules continuously collide.  Y'see, Matlock will be appearing at the Fair this year, so it woulda been nice to tie a couple bits in with the competition.  At any rate, the contest will comprise a couple Faces-related questions and a few Matlock/Rich Kids/Pistols Qs.  

On another note, I just received an April 1980 copy of International Musician and Recording World magazine, which features a nifty little piece on Ronnie Lane called "Back From the Farm:  You Can't Keep A Small Face Down."  I'll transcribe and post the article very soon.  Nice photo, too.

6 Apr 2002- Mac is currently touring with Billy Bragg and the Blokes.  In fact, he's packing his bags as I speak...  I just got off the phone with him... he had to delay an update interview by a week because he's preparing for the road.  Be sure to check out this tour if it comes within 400 miles of your home.  Also, the Bragg band will appear on Conan O'Brien's show Tuesday, April 9.

photo by Pennie Smith

Two guys are lost in the desert, stumbling along aimlessly looking for signs of civilization, when they come across a dead coyote.  The first guy can't resist the first food he's seen in days, and tears into the rotting corpse.  An hour later, he can't hold the meal down any longer and vomits onto the desert floor.  Then the second guy drops to the ground and begins lapping up the puke.  "I knew if I waited long enough I'd get a hot meal!"

1 Apr 2002- Happy Birthday, Ronnie.  

29 Mar 2002- The Faces box set is set for a Christmas release and is to contain all released material (album, a-sides and b-sides), plus much unreleased and live goodies.  Unfortunately, there's not yet a suitable title.  There is a competition in place to see one of the fans can come up with a better title than what they've considered.  The winner will get a box-set, as well as all other Warner Brothers releases, signed by the boys.  You are free to submit as many ideas as you can muster to [email protected].  Good luck (and good listening)!

On another note, Mac and Woody, nor any other involved vault vampires, have been able to locate the original version of "Ooh La La", sung by Ronnie Lane.  As Rupert Williams rightly states, it's the "Holy Grail" of lost Faces tracks.  If anybody out there has a copy (bootleg or otherwise) please contact us.  My gut feeling tells me it was once on a cheap cassette labeled "Ibiza 1972", but that's another story...

26 Mar 2002- Check out Mac's tour schedule on www.macspages.com.  

6 Mar 2002- Mac sent a message today indicating the box set project is yet again alive.  More info as it comes. 

15 Mar 2002- Winners!  The Mac Tickets Contest is Over
We have two winners of tickets to see Mac at the London International Music fair on March 17th.  They are:

Rupert Williams
Charlie Magri

Both winners happen to be members of the Small Faces E-Group (now found at www.smallfacesegroup.com), which begs the question "what do they know that I don't about my favorite musicians?"  Join up and find out.

Thanks again to www.vip-24.com for sponsoring the contest.  Now, for your information, the Questions (and answers):

1.  Which member of the Faces, at the last minute, borrowed a car, retrieved his gear from a London airport, and went back home instead of joining Rod in America in his first post-Faces band?

Kenney Jones.  "I realized I just couldn't do that to the lads".

2.  When the Faces were rehearsing at the Stones' Bermondsey studio in 1969, the Stones were having some personnel problems of their own and needed to replace Brian Jones.  Stu Stewart called the Faces in Bermondsey, asking to speak to Ron Wood to see if he'd like to join the Stones.  Who was it that changed history by answering the phone first and reputedly saying that Woody was happy where he was?

Ronnie Lane.  Woody heard about it years later and... forgave him.

3.  Why couldn't Rod Stewart officially join the Faces in their group contract with Warner Brothers?

He was never officially a Face as he'd signed a solo contract with Mercury while on tour in the States with Jeff Beck.  His Mercury contract guaranteed him a $1000 fiberglass replica car, delivered at Heathrow upon his arrival back from the States.

4.  Ronnie Wood bought lots of albums while touring the States with the Jeff Beck Group.  When he played these albums to his new cohorts in the Faces, one of the bands stood out like a sore thumb and became quite influential to the Faces.  In fact, Mac and Woody ended up playing with this band's drummer in both the New Barbarians and in the sessions for Mac's first solo LP, Troublemaker (in fact, all the New Barbarians were on the album!).  Name the band.

The Meters  link

5.  Who absolutely refused to sing "Ooh La La" for the album of the same name?

Rod.  He recorded it first after Ronnie died, as a "tribute".

12 Mar 2002- We have a winner in the Faces contest.  Still need another one, though.  

Also, there's a new Faces fan site starting up.  It's Dutch language.

10 Mar 2002-

28 Feb 2002- I received the following press release a moment ago.  Check back here for details on a contest on this site in which you have a chance for free tickets to the fair.


Original member of the Small Faces and then the Faces, Ian McLagan, will be
appearing at the London International Music fair on 17th March. Ian will be
selling and signing copies of his new book 'All the rage' from 1pm to 3pm
at the event.

As 'Mac' resides in the USA these days, this is a unique chance for fans to
meet a true 60s star. The London fair takes place on 17th March and
contains the biggest selection of vinyl, CDs and memorabilia on sale by
traders from around the world. The venue is Congress Centre on Great
Russell Street, off Tottenham Court Road, in the West end. Doors open 10am
to 4pm. Admission just £3.


27 Feb 2002- As you may be aware, a new version of the Faces site is currently in development.  A necessary step towards getting the site ready to debut involves getting a new server to place the site on.  Therefore, over the next few days I am moving the current site to that new server.  

The site will probably experience some disruption and go off line over the next few days while this transition takes place.  Be sure to update your links and bookmarks.  The site will now only be accessible at www.the-faces.com.  

27 Feb 2002- Charles M. Jones, the single-most important animator since Dr. Frankenstein, passed away two days ago.  And today Spike Milligan has left us.  This hasn't been a good year.

22 Feb 2002- It's time to update your bookmarks and links!  As of March 1st, the only way to access this site will be via www.the-faces.com

14 Feb 2002- Yet more bad news.
I just got an email from Patrick Llewellyn informing me that Kim Gardner passed away recently after a battle with cancer.  Kim, of course, played bass for the Creation, the Birds, and our very own short-lived Quiet Melon, before forming the band Ashton, Gardner and Dyke.  He eventually settled in Los Angeles with his wife, Paula, where they ran the wildly successful Cat and Fiddle pub.  He was recently recording new material with Don Adey and Mitch Mitchell.  More here.



Paula and Kim Gardner


24 Jan 2002- There's been a bit of discussion about the Ooh La La album artwork on the bulletin board lately, so I thought I'd remind everyone that I've got a page together with some info on that very topic right here.

14 Jan 2002- More bad news:

"Just this minute had a phone call from John Unwin to let me know that Stanley passed away last night.   Even though he was of a great age I am still deeply saddened by this news.  As well as being a legendary figure, an original in the true sense of the word... he was also a good mate.

John Hellier"

'Professor' Stanley Unwin died peacefully Saturday at the Dantre Hospital in Daventry, Northamptonshire.  He was aged 90.

His career in the public eye began in the 1940, when he was hired as a BBC War Reporting Unit engineer.  He was later put in front of the microphone, and then on television, doing recitations using his own language, known as Unwinese.  This language, unwittingly inspired by a trip his mother took when he was a young lad (when she fell and bumped her knee, she told him she'd "falloloped over and grazed her knee clapper"), was a mix of high wit, abbreviation, rhyming, word association, high jinks and malapropisms, which Stanley perfected by 'translating' nursery rhymes for his children..  

His performances not only made him quite popular (leading to roles on TV and movies, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Carry On Regardless, The Secret Service, and as recently as 1998 on Rex the Runt), but inspired countless comedians like Viv Stanshall, the members of Monty Python, Peter Cook, and Spike Milligan.  It was, in fact, Milligan that led Unwin to fame amongst Faces and Small Faces fans:  When Spike was offered the role doing the narration on the Small Faces' seminal album, Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, Milligan eventually refused so the role was given to Stanley, who utterly shined on the album. 

Despite his age, Stanley was considerably active.  He'd go out to knock back a pint or three with friends, and was a staple fixture at the annual Small Faces conventions.  He will be sorely missed.  Goodbye, Stan.

11 Jan 2002- The first news of the year isn't good news.  The Black Crowes are officially on 'hiatus', which places them one step closer to the Faces yet again.  Their website says Chris is pursuing solo efforts, and that Steve Gorman has left the band for the standard "personal reasons".  News on Rich is forthcoming.  Best of luck to all the guys involved, and may they further their exploits in the industry of human happiness.  They've been great to watch, and I personally hope to see them happy in what they do in the future.  All the best, boys.

31 Dec 2001- Well, time for the year-end wrap-up:

Faces reformations: 0
New Faces Albums: 0  

If that's all you visit the site for, you've been brought up to date.  The Faces box sets are on the way, and we don't know yet what 2002 holds in store!  Tons of speculation from all sides, but currently it's just that: speculation.  

Mac has been touring and recording (with Billy Bragg and for his upcoming follow-up to Best of British) relentlessly.  

Kenney is working with his new band (including Boz Burrell and Robert Hart of Bad Company, and former Rod Stewart guitarist Gary Grainger) and plans to record and tour in the new year.  He's also got his hands full with his Hurtwood Park Polo Club, as always.

Rod has a new album out, and is touring to support it.  He's dropped a few hints, but hasn't picked them up yet.

Woody has a solid new album, Not For Beginners, and has been seen publicly quite a bit recently giving it a good shove. 

The new version of this site should, at my current pace, be ready for a launch in February.  Given the circumstances, it's probably more logical and fitting to aim for April 1st!  Whaddaya think?

Click on the "Take the Faces Poll" at the top of the page to place your vote today.

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