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2003 pt 1

27 June 2003- I didn't want to put up a negative review of the book, "Last Orders, Please", by Jim Melly, so I didn't put up a review at all.  However, Nikki Sudden sent me this review he wrote after reading the book, and I thought it only right to share it.  Here 'tis:

"Last Orders Please is the biggest load of twaddle I've ever read on a major group. The fact that books this bad can get published makes one either almost give up hope or puzzle how easy it has become to get any old rubbish out there these days. Author Jim Melly couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted to write a socio-economic history of Britain over the late sixties and early seventies, or a history of one of the greatest and most misunderstood bands ever.

Just about every story in the book is ripped off wholesale from either Ian McLagan's book, All The Rage, or Terry Rawlings' Ronnie Wood effort of a few years back. A few more references to John Pidgeon's essential mid-70's, Rod Stewart And The Changing Faces, wouldn't have gone amiss. Mind you, some basic research into the band's story would have been an even better idea.

If you want a load of recycled tosh this is your book, otherwise wait till someone who actually knows (and cares) what they're writing about gets a book out.

Nikki Sudden"

Unfortunately, I couldn't agree more with Nikki's assessment.  I tried to get thru the book, but found so many inaccuracies and unnecessary side-chatter (the aforementioned feeble attempt to tie recent English sociopolitical history into the story of this hard-drinking rock band, for example) that I had to put it aside for a week.  When I picked it up again, I skipped from the first chapter to halfway thru  the book, when Melly finally mentions the formation of the Faces.  After another few pages of horridly researched drivel (and borderline plagiarism), I baled on the book for good.  As I mentioned to Nikki, it's not a good sign when the best passage of the entire book turns out to be the last third of the fourth sentence in the Acknowledgements section, prior to the actual beginning of the book!  There, on page ix, Melly writes:

"... any flaws in this work are entirely due to me."

As is typical of his book, I find even that sentence fragment not entirely true:  blame also falls on his editors and publisher.  

In his very next sentence, he mentions "the names of some of the interviewees have been changed; this is because indiscretions regarding their pasts would make their present positions difficult."  "What in the hell is that supposed to mean?!", you may ask.  As best as I can determine, Melly interviewed exactly zero players in this story (primary or cursory); instead, he relied all too heavily on the research and tomes of others (as Nikki mentioned above), so he changed a few names to further distort his version of the Faces story.

I cannot recommend enough that you not to waste your money on "Last Orders Please".  It came to me at no charge, and I still feel ripped off. 

23 June 2003- Small Faces Ultimate Collection is holding steady at 59 in the charts this week.

The interview with Hubert Sumlin went very well, and at the end he said, "Call me in a couple weeks, we got lots more to talk about!"  The next interview, with Bob Margolin, is set for Wednesday.

18 June 2003- I need some help, folks... I'll be interviewing Hubert Sumlin on Friday, and Bob Margolin next week, so send in some good questions... I like outside Qs to break up the monotony of my one-sided mind.  

Mac is in Louisiana cutting some tunage (Shannon McNally), but dropped a line today... Ultimate Collection is exactly where I predicted it would be this week:  36 and holding!  Mac says it somehow sold more than the week prior, yet dropped six spots.  If you don't own a copy yet, fix that little red wagon NOW.  Also, call your fave radio station and request something from SFUC.  

12 June 2003- Mac has received 30 copies of Small Faces Ultimate Collection, which he will autograph and ship to your doorstep if you are lucky enough to buy one before they run out!

11 June 2003- Ultimate Collection has been certified Silver already.  Let's get it to Gold and then Platinum, folks!

10 June 2003- Hey, all you HMV queue-ers!  Did you get Mac and Kenney to sign your copy of SMALL FACES ULTIMATE COLLECTION?  If so, please email me.  I'm hoping to put together a gallery of SFUC covers which have been autographed.  Don't be shy!   The copy I just got from Mac will be online within a couple hours.  

4 June 2003- Small Faces Ultimate Collection is #24 on the UK album charts!  Ain't that the best?  Today is the anniversary of Ronnie Lane's death, an anniversary I usually do my best to ignore, but I know Ronnie would be so damned proud to see his music still so widely appreciated.  After all the crap compilations from less-than-scrupulous record companies, it's nice to see the Small Faces properly represented in one package.  It only took 33 years for one label to get it right, and only then because Mac and Kenney (and John Reed at Sanctuary) fought so hard for it.  My thanks and congratulations to them. 

If you aren't in-the-know, the Ultimate Collection is exactly what it's title indicates:  the absolute best 2-disc collection of the Small Faces, for the first time representing both the Decca and Immediate years.  All the best, in one place.  From journalists usually jaded by a constant onslaught of shoddy SF repackages, reviews for the Ultimate Collection are all in agreement: "absolutely stunning", "brilliant", and one of my fave quotes comes from Simon Goddard from Uncut: "If life really is "just a bowl of All-Bran," these two discs hold the fibre." 

So, for the converted Small Faces fan, this is one to buy.  And for all the unconverted or newbies to the Small Faces oeuvre (listen up, Yanks!), THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY!  If you want to hear the absolute best of what Swingin' Mod London produced, you need look no further.  And, this time round, the band gets paid for their efforts!  Charly Records, who somehow manages to continue their stranglehold on Small Faces licensing throughout most of the world (and they DON'T PAY ROYALTIES, FOLKS!), has nothing of this quality on the market, so LISTEN UP all!  Go to the Sanctuary Records mini-site for SMALL FACES ULTIMATE COLLECTION, buy this disk, and give back to the Small Faces something they so richly deserve: royalties!  What you get in return is the best damned Small Faces compilation on the planet.

Mac was on the BBC earlier this week discussing SMALL FACES ULTIMATE COLLECTION.  Click here to hear.

1 June 2003- It's still Sunday where I live, so I've got a present for you all to commemorate the birth of Ronald.  Actually, the gift is from Bryan O'Grady... he's charted several non-Faces tracks and marked which Face plays What on Which.  As Woody is the common thread in most of this, it's apropos to debut it today.  

This is not, by any means, meant to be the exact, complete resource.  There is a thread on the forum to add to/dispute what's on the charts... we hope to get this cooking solid, so feel free to add your two pence.  

Bryan's graphs are here.

31 May 2003- Tomorrow is Woody's birthday, and I'll hopefully have something I've been working on ready in time to debut.  Also, the word has finally broken, so I can announce that Mickie Most has died.  Alan Merrill emailed me yesterday with that news... Mickie mismanaged Alan greatly during the 70s (many people that shook hands with Mickie Most seem to have pulled back a bloody stump).  If you have any questions about Mickie (or anything else) to ask Alan, the 20Q will remain open on the forum for a couple more days.

I've put two galleries together featuring my recent encounters with the James McMurtry Band and Muddy Waters Band.  What does it have to do with the Faces?  Ronnie Johnson and Daren Hess of McMurtry's band were Ronnie Lane's rhythm section during much of his time in the States.  The legendary Hubert Sumlin, formerly of Howlin' Wolf's band, is in the Waters band.  Ask Mac about Howlin' Wolf sometime.

The McMurtry gallery is here.  The Waters gallery is here.

30 May 2003- Julie sent in a scan of the Small Faces Ultimate Collection CD she had signed by Mac and Kenney when she met up with them on their recent promo tour of England.  Julie's also been sending in a ton of scans from her scrapbooks.  So has Paul Forgham... they've sent in enough stuff for several more photo galleries, which I am working on.  It's been the best string of steady contributions to the site since I got a package of photos in the mail from Craig Petty, and I thank them profusely. 


23 May 2003- The photos have come back from the lab-  It's already a busy weekend for me, so in a few days all the shots of those guys listed below will be online.  Also, the Forge Wing of the Faces site, featuring the scrapbook from hell, is on the way. PS- Luke:  Hat's off to ya, mate!  All the Best, and More!  

Oh, and Mick Green called...! Yeah, THAT Mick Green! (Red Caps, the Pirates (f. Johnny Kidd)... uh, by the way, Mick Green is the guy that people remember the Pirates by!  Mick's a guitar legend- ask the Who, ask anybody with a brain.  Mick and Ronnie Lane were tight.   

19 May 2003- Banner day.  In the last few hours I've talked with Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin, James McMurtry, Ronnie Johnson, Daren Hess, Henry McCullough, Luke Lane (Ronnie's son) and a hairdresser who works downtown.  She says I have "difficult hair" and that I drop names too often.  Billy Nicholls was out, so I left a message.

18 May 2003- James McMurtry is in town, recording a live set over two solid nights at the Zephyr Club for a proposed live album.  (Of course, James' band features Ronnie Johnson and Daren Hess, the rhythm section from MANY a Ronnie Lane Band.) Ronnie, of course, plays on Alan Merrill's new disk, so it's a mighty small world.  Well, guess what, it gets  miles smaller.  A free gig played tonight at the city-county building.   It featured members of Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf's bands!  For free.  I saw Pinetop Perkins and Hubert Sumlin tonight, playing with Bob Margolin. All these guys played with Muddy, and Hubert (ask Mac) was renowned as Howlin' Wolf's son.   It was incredible to finally see these legends in the flesh.  Mac: photos will follow!

Many thanks to James McMurtry, Ronnie Johnson, Daren Hess, Tim Holt, and Susan Griswold... I had a GREAT time, see you next time around.  Oops, a big thanks to Dave S at I'll bring more bands your way...

 Rare pop tapes are found in attic dust  hmmm... does it have Faces tracks?!

16 May 2003- June Carter Cash passed away yesterday due to "complications during heart surgery".  She's a personal hero of mine, as is her husband, Johnny.  My condolences to the entire Cash/Carter family.  All the best, Johnny.  Don't give up now.

14 May 2003- James McMurtry will be doing a double-header this Friday and Saturday at the Zephyr, and I've arranged to be there both nights.  He's been one of my favorite songwriters since well before I realized his band consists of Ronnie Johnson and Daren Hess (the former rhythm section of the Ronnie Lane Band), and it's always a pleasure to catch them live and in color.  I should finally get an interview with Ronnie and Daren under my belt for this site, as well.  A big thanks to Ronnie Johnson, Susan Griswold, and Tim Holt for help.

I just got an email from Kevin Dubrow.  Quiet Riot has rescheduled their Salt Lake gig for this same Friday night, which puts me in the fire. To quote the poet-laureates of literate proto-porno-punk grope-rock, the Fugs, "in a land of a millions suns, which way does the sunflower turn?  In the land of a million candles, where does the moth go to burn?"

That means I have to catch the first half of James McMurtry's Friday gig, catch up with them during half-time, then book across town to catch the rest of Quiet Riot's gig and meet up with Kevin.  I hope it works out.

and on a perfectly different note, have you ever heard Mott the Hoople's version of Neil Young's "OHIO"?  Damn, it's the ONLY version you need to hear.  You better understand the brutality of what happened if you hear their version. Mott were the fucking best. 

5 May 2003- Unfortunately, the local Quiet Riot gig was rescheduled.  I'll catch up with you yet, Kevin.

Paul has sent in some phenomenal scans of era-articles dealing with Tetsu/Lane 73.  Paul keeps sending, and I'm certainly not complaining!  Paul has already given more depth to the Tetsu/Ronnie transition than any contributor out there (other than Alan Merrill).  Thanks, Paul!  Keep it coming, ya spikey mucka!

Also, a new search engine is installed for the site.  Try it out.  It may prove too exact.

The Mac/Alan Merrill 20Q is drawing to a close, but still plenty of time to ask the illogical or simply inane!  Actually, the Q's have been uniformly great.  Can you top it?

1 May 2003- Dick Dale played in town tonight, and I was smart enough to catch him.  The guy is everything he appears to be:  a technically exquisite showman, broad in range, and of great depth.  Mid-gig, I realized he was playing the guitar flopped over (right-to-left, like Hendrix, but without changing the strings).  My logic immediately told me he must be self-taught, and that he's the known pioneer of Surf because his technique of using the strings at his immediate disposal... the low notes... was an immediate jump from being poor.  Wow. I saw the light.

I get home, read up on Dale, and learn he went from righty to lefty by choice, mid-career, so he could try different ideas and techniques!  My moronic theories squelched, I read on, knowing Dale's musical Godliness was only growing in my fertile frontal lobes.  Did you know Dale worked solidly with Fender, in order to perfect pickups and amplification?  Did you know both Hendrix and Eddie Van publicly acknowledge(d) their debt to Dick Dale?  Did you know he can sing his lungs out?  Well, if he comes thru your town, see him.  Unlike Chuck Berry, this is one legend that still plays because he loves to and because he obviously cares about the music.  

Next gig I see will be Quiet Riot, with frontman Kevin Dubrow, our humble forum moderator!  They're playing a gig here in Salt Lake this Saturday... I know from the hits that many Faces site visitors are from SLC, so come on down!  Catch you at The Ritz!  Drop all the spandex, but bring all the attitude you can stomach!

PS-  new stuff coming in from the Regulars!  I've got new photos and program scans and articles coming online soon, thanks to Paul and Julie!  Keep 'em coming!  

25 April 2003- I just received a copy of Jim Melly's "Last Orders Please", a new book about the Faces.  Looks like I have to go back a few years and try to remember how to write a book report!

Kee-rist, the new counter seems to be working well.  We're nearing the 2,000,000 hit point... nearly there!

20 April 2003- Mac has a BRAND NEW page on his website, the "Nice... to Be Nice" page, filled with audio samples from Bump in the Night, Best of British, and the upcoming brilliant release, RISE & SHINE.  Never has "Have a Look, Have a Laugh, Have a Listen" meant more.  

17 April 2003- Okay, we're trying something new.  I want visitors to hit the forum and ask questions for Mac McLagan and Alan Merrill. Once I get enough questions, I'll call the them, ask the questions, and put links to their answers (in MP3 format) on the forum thread.  For Mac, go to his section of the forum and look for the 20Q thread.  Alan's thread is "Alan Merrill 20Q" in the "Debris" section of the forum.

Tetsu and Alan Merrill, 1975

3 April 2003- All chords from BUMP IN THE NIGHT are now online.  

2 April 2003- More updates to the site:

Updated Rod's discography
Updated Rod's links page
Updated Woody's discography
Updated Faces links page
Added more chords for Bump in the Night

1 April 2003- Happy Birthday to our favorite April Fool!  I tried to get a whole batch of new content together to debut on Ronnie's birthday, but I've been bedridden for days, which threw a wrench into the works.  I have still managed several updates, including:

Updated Ronnie's photo gallery, adding several new pages of photos
Added new Ronnie Lane chords
Updated Ronnie's LINKS page
Updated Mac's main page, including samples of all the tracks from Bump In the Night
Updated Mac's LINKS page
Updated Mac's discography
Added new Mac chords

I'm off now to work on getting large chunks of the interviews I did with Ronnie online so you can hear them for yourself.  Well, what do you know!  I'm getting them online NOW!

Part One here
Part Two here

It's not exactly all I wanted to have ready for you, but it's a good chunk of new stuff to look at.  Enjoy.

21 March 2003- The radio show went really well, and a few folks dropped by to the new chat room, including Mac and Kevin.  It went on into the wee hours, but I gave up midway through and, after thoroughly mocking all in reach, I fell asleep.  I did learn a few things, like I'm still not happy with the chat rooms I've tried.  Anybody know of a killer chat room script?

Oh, and "oops", the contest for Tawny Tracks has ended and we have winners!  I will find details and post them here soon!  I hate going to the post office...!

20 March 2003- Mac McLagan will be appearing live on WNTI Radio from 6:30pm to 8pm tonight EST (that's 11pm in the UK), and you can listen in live via the internet.  See the announcement below:

News announcement from WNTI Radio:

Thursday, March 20th - “Rock-It Science” hosted by Greg will be interviewing Ian McLagan, keyboard player for the Small Faces and Faces. Ian has toured with the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Bonnie Raitt just to name a few. Greg’s show will be entirely Ian’s music this week from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. In Ian’s words to Greg, “We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, we’ll fall over!”

Listen Online at:

Afterwards, the new live chat room on will debut.  It's ez to use, and takes no extra software... it runs via a java applet, backboned by the IRC network.  So, please log onto WNTI FM  from 6:30pm until 8pm EST, then co to at 8pm EST.  We'll try out the new chat room, shoot the shit about Mac's interview, and who knows what else.  Bring your own Guinness, though.  See you there!

14 March 2003- Major update to the Mac section:  All lyrics to Best of British and Troublemaker are now online, and lyrics and chords to Bump in the Night are coming online.

13 March 2003- Welcome home, Elizabeth Smart.  It's a great big beautiful day here in Salt Lake City.

12 March 2003- Due to problems with the new forum, anybody can now look and post without signing up.  Seems there is a glitch in the script, so people that did sign up can't log on.  Therefore, all can look and post.  Feel free, the Faces Forum is now a free-for-all.

12 March 2003- Mac sent a note today, saying he's playing the Saxon tonight and the Continental on Saturday. If your in or around Austin, be sure to turn up and drink down!

11 March 2003- Mac will be playing at the Saxon Pub tomorrow (Mar 12) from 11pm til 2am, it's his entry in the SXSW Festival this year.  Get there and cheer!

Keep an eye on the forum, Kenney just emailed and he'll be adding details concerning Big Face.  Also, Rabbit Bundrick (Free, Crawler, the Who) is on board alongside Mac, Alan Merrill, Kevin Dubrow, and many other noteworthy moderators.

If you have troubles logging on to the forum, email me with details so I can fix the problem.

Pete Townshend has evidently been cleared by the coppers.  Details to follow.  As a public service, I'm sponsoring a forum on the Faces Forum for users of   Until the press and assholes like Leno start apologizing for fucking Pete over, there will be a need for a forum.

Just saw "Hurt" by Johnny Cash.  If that's not the best damned rock video ever made...!  Damn, Johnny, you still da man!

08 March 2003- Seems Pete Townshend was given the brush-off by cops and asshole journos alike.  Pete has been found explicitly innocent of all charges, yet the politicos in charge aren't willing to admit Pete was on the right side all along.  Well, pigs and cops are always cops and pigs.  Pete is innocent, and he deserves a fucking apology... nothing less.   Today's finding shows the whores of government can ruin a reputation with no recourse.  GOVERNMENT FRAUD.

05 March 2003- I want to thank Lynne Rossi Ruelan for her help and inspiration.  Sure, the Faces site took a recent dive into nowheresville, but Lynne and Robert are going thru far worse:  Their entire neighborhood exploded.  

After a bomb-sized blast from a nearby traffic-meets-industry accident, their house was knocked from it's foundation and deemed uninhabitable.  Upon rushing home, all they could save, basically, was their kid: their dog.  That's what Lynne and Robert have been thru during the time I was going nuts simply trying to keep the Faces site online.  

Lynne and Robert deserve (and I demand) a round of applause for their dedication.  Even today, Robert found time to fix tech problems with getting the Faces Forum working again, and Lynne trumpeted the cause by announcing we were back online.  Damn, we should ask who their insurance agent is!  They seem far too alive.  Who the hell do they think they are, getting through such devastation as if it were a monthly occurrence?  My hat's off to them!

04 March 2003- This was the fortnight from hell.  Over the past 13 days, I have spent countless hours on this website.  First I tried to make the transition from the old server to the new one seamless and without any downtime but, thanks to the whores at, it was an impossible task.  A few hundred bucks later, I had to sign up with a COMPETENT  hosting service and start all over.  That's why the site's been down over the past few days.

A big "Thank You" to the folks at for providing real service and giving me what I signed up for, including fast and astute technical support, an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that actually works, and a relevant manual.  In other words, exactly everything FeaturePrice promised but reneged on, the lying thieves.

Another big Thank You to Robert Reulan for tweaking the Forum script and getting it back online for me.  That's another Guinness I owe ya!

One last thing... the disruption of the site means I'm going to extend the deadline for the Alan Merrill contest until the 12th, noon MST.  One certain winner, one to go.

Yet another last thing:  I'm trying to get accurate counters installed on the site.  A couple months ago, the site averaged a few hundred hits per day, with a record one-day high of about 750.  Late in February, we got over 3700 hits in one day.  Keep it up!

28 Feb 2003- This website will most likely be down for some time... not for maintenance, but I'm switching to a new server (FeaturePrice... avoid them at all costs) that is improperly set up and the tech support is so horrid they won't lift a finger to fix their own problems.  A truly godawful experience so far.  As a result, the site will suffer some disruption, and the forum will be hit the hardest.  But, I'm on it and will get it all fixed as soon as possible.  Honest.  Really.

22 Feb 2003- The Forum is working perfectly.  Thanks, Robert!

20 Feb 2003- The brand-new Faces Forum is now online!  It's got a brand-new, more intuitive design and look, and features categories for the band and each of the members (plus the Debris pile for off-topic posts).  Anybody can root around and read the posts, but you'll have to join up to actually post a reply or a new topic yourself.

Please have a look, join up, and be one of the first to take advantage of the best Faces Forum in the world!

19 Feb 2003- The Tawny Tracks competition is now online!  Answer ten questions... the two top scores win a copy of Alan Merrill's "The Arrows & Friends: Tawny Tracks", featuring two tracks cut with Mac and Tetsu around the time the Faces split.  Enter the contest here.

17 Feb 2003- Due to computer problems, I've had to delay the Tawny Tracks competition.  I've reformatted my computer and am in the middle of reinstalling all the files and software I need to get back to work.  Check back on the 19th, as the competition will be online that day.

12 Feb 2003- The new contest for "Tawny Tracks" will be online on the 15th.  

I've updated Rod's "links" page, thanks to a good rattling I got from Ian... Thanks!

20 Jan 2003- 'Bump in the Night', Mac's second solo album (originally released in 1980) will be released (for the first time, as many of us believe) on February 5th, via Maniac Records.  This classic album will FINALLY be available on CD, only through macspages

'Bump In The Night' also features Ronnie Wood, Ricky Fataar (where were you 10-28-71?), Johnny Lee Schell, Renee Geyer, Bobby Keyes, and many others.  Read this review if you have any doubts about BUMP IN THE NIGHT.  If you even vaguely enjoyed the Faces, you should kick yourself for not owning BUMP IN THE NIGHT.  OK?  Geddit?  My own opinion:  The best Faces album that was never released.  Yet, it's pure Mac.

20 Jan 2003- There has been an independent website built in defense of Pete Townshend.  Strangely enough, the name of the site echoes all our sentiments:

As a result, the "Pete Townshend Is Innocent" banners that have been on this site for some time now link to the new site.  Please visit it and openly voice your support.  Read up on what's happening.  Yellow journalism cheapens your very existence, and it's time you fight back.  Stop being the victim.  

Dyer: Tell Me, Who Are You, Pete Townshend?
Blackie Lawless speaks out
Friends Back Townshend in Child Porn Flap
Pete's ex-wife dismisses charges as "ridiculous"

Don't bother reading George Orwell, we now live his nightmare.  Shame on us for being so shallow as to ignore all the warnings.

As for those who have e-mailed me to thank me for covering the PT debacle (loads of emails, not one of which is derogatory), thank you.  However, please go a step further and voice your opinions publicly on message boards and in emails to the writers of poorly-investigated "articles" on said topic... don't waste your breath on me!  

17 Jan 2003- David Lindley!  (btw Mac, I sent on the message, and his reply:  "cool!")


Just saw David Lindley and Wally Ingram.  It was their first night on the new tour.  Zephyr, SLC. There is nobody that plays better than David Lindley.  One scorching slide solo on his electric Bouzouki proved that, the heat from which was equaled only by that generated by the duo's blindingly ugly 70's pant-suits ("we just went shopping and found some new clothes", indeed!)    TWANGO BANGO III, the duo's latest disk, is out just now.  Be sure to see Badger Man, as he calls himself now ("I've got a two-tone badger head"), if he comes anywhere near your vicinity.  It's truly impossible for a guitar, vocals and drums to sound this good.  And kudos to Wally: he's up to the task, sounding like Richie Hayward on steroids.  You'll regret it if you don't catch a gig.  Bare bones with balls!

15 Jan 2003- On the subject of Pete Townshend's recent troubles, widely reported but rarely described as what it is:  bullshit.  What follows is a copy of a post Rupert Williams made on this site's message board.  I find it to be quite succinct and a far better response than Pete's own press release.  Of course, Pete's under a tad bit of pressure and perhaps isn't quite his eloquent self.

[Don't]  believe the knee-jerk reaction of the media.  I remember reading P.T's diary on his website over a year ago when he openly admitted checking out the site which he'd initially stumbled on by accident while innocently searching for something with his young son.

O.K. it was a bit dumb to [later] pay to view the site, but he stated over a year ago what his reasons were and that he'd sought legal advise ([from] a retired detective) before doing so. After viewing the porn site, he even went as far as to close his own site down for a while because he was so disgusted by what the internet had become that he didn't want to be a part of it himself.

I believe he'll be exonerated once the police investigate things a bit further.

Cheers, Rupe.  Daltrey has stated the same basic story, as well as loads of others.  Pete's been wearing this story on his sleeve for months.  Would a pedophile openly discuss such things, unsolicited, on his own website?  He's been forthright about the whole story nearly since the day it happened.  In fact, police are now scurrying to track the call he made to them months ago to report the problem.  

Many articles in papers and on the web are giving incomplete and biased stories, and few of them even match each other, much less what will be disclosed as the truth.  Pete is no Gary Glitter.  He's not Jonathan King.  He's no pedophile.  His classification as 'suspected pedophile' has "witch hunt" written all over it, and libelous damage is being done as a direct result, and no paper will use the ink necessary to exonerate him, much less directly apologize once the investigation is dropped.  But haven't we all learned by now that most of the press are shameless whores?

Pete's piece that he wrote for his website that mentions the problem of rampant pedophilia on the internet has been temporarily archived here.

14 Jan 2003- Well, I got the images for the chord section back online, and also put together the chords for Cindy Incidentally.

And, Pete Townshend is innocent.  Don't let the crap media criticize and crucify him.  Many of the facts of the case are already before us, and Rupe did a great job of outlining them on the message board.  When the dust settles, a lot of apologies will be owed Pete.  Now, this whole FBI/Scotland Yard dragnet is hopefully doing a lot of good, but to drag Townshend into it is pure witchhunt BS.  Gary Glitter should be hunted down like a dog for being the perv he is, but he was given a slap on the wrist.  More damage is being done to Pete just by being dragged into this, and he's innocent.  That's a fucking shame. 

10 Jan 2003- I get so many questions from new musicians playing the Faces stuff.  I love the questions, as it comes from people renewing the faith.  However, let's face Face facts:  the TABS found here are for beginners.  They're not perfect.  If you're the pro player you claim to be, you don't need to learn from a book, much less bother me about inaccuracies, so if you want to help, email me corrections or more intense TAB.  As for all other users, enjoy!  the chord section is here for mutts like the rest of us

7 Jan 2003- My first post of the New Year, from my new town, and with renewed conviction.

Mac has announced that his latest CD, Rise & Shine, is almost ready for release!  Check out for details.

Woody is out with the Stones, breaking records of all kinds on the latest tour.  He has a brand-new website,, to boot, and it's a major improvement!

Kenney has mentioned that his band's debut CD will soon be on the market.

Rod's latest disk, The Great American Songbook, has given him his best chart results in years.

Ronnie Lane is all around us.  Pick up a piece of him if you haven't, you won't regret it.

No bad news to report... Let's hope 03 is better than last year's model, cuz it was a piece of shit.

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Pre-Petrified Wood
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Tetsu, CALL ME!
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All Sorts of Photos
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Hear Faces talk about Phases of Faces
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Learn the Real Words
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Learn to Play with Yourself
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Links (and other odd sausages)10pixSpacer.gif (79 bytes)
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