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Tetsu's History   an ever-growing collection of info on the renowned bassist/partier.  With your help, soon to be known as the best place to go for all things Tetsu.  Includes a discography that will become more accurate as time passes.


Interviews     Unfortunately, I'd be the first to concede that these interviews shed very little light on Tetsu Yamauchi.  However, they are, by their very nature, quite relevant.

Paul Rodgers    vocalist, Free and Bad Co.  Later worked with Jimmy Page in the Firm, and Kenney Jones in The Law.

Simon Kirke    drummer, Free and Bad Company.  This interview occurred just after my second interview with Ronnie Lane.   Guess who barged into Simon's house while I was there?  Woody.  What did Woody call me that day?  Let's just say "silly bugger" is an underestimate.

John Glover    Free's manager from roughly mid-1972 onward.  Also managed Paul Kossoff / Back Street Crawler.

John "Rabbit" Bundrick     Keyboardist for Free, Back Street Crawler, and the Who.  Coming soon.


Tetsu's a fairly elusive cat, and prefers to remain that way. What little information there is about him will be compiled here as it becomes available.
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